Typhoon H drone taps Intel's 3D-mapping tech for collision-free flight

Electric aircraft-maker Yuneec made a bit of a splash when it landed at CES earlier this year with its Typhoon H hexacopter. With folding landing gear and a swivelling 4K camera, the drone was impressive enough, but what really created a buzz was the demonstration of an advanced model with the impressive ability to steer clear of obstacles. Developed by Intel, this sense-and-avoid technology is now coming out to play, with Yuneec making its tree-dodging Typhoon H Pro available for preorder.Read More

Nissan's zippy GT-R drone keeps apace with its supercar sibling

In an attempt to highlight the speed credentials of its new 2017 GT-R, Nissan has employed a vehicle of a different sort. It has custom built a drone it claims is one of the fastest accelerating first person view (FPV) racing drones in the world specifically to keep apace with the powerful supercar as it accelerates off the mark.Read More

Ship-to-shore delivery shows real-world potential of disaster relief drones

When roads, powerlines and other infrastructure are knocked out of action by natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, getting critical supplies to people in need is all the more difficult. Drones are shaping as hugely promising tools in disaster relief with the ability to quite literally overcome these complications, and a ship-to-shore medical delivery carried out this week with UN and American Red Cross officials on hand has offered a first look at how autonomous flight might come to save lives in the real world.Read More

Airobotics battery-swapping platform keeps drones flying around the clock

Autonomous drone flight is a pretty exciting prospect for all kinds of reasons, from its potential to change how we transport important items to how we transport ourselves. But the technology invariably requires human intervention in one way or another as drones can't carry on forever on their own. Or can they? An Israeli startup has developed an end-to-end autonomous system for 24/7 drone flight that uses a robotic arm to swap out flat batteries and get the aircraft back in the air.Read More

Airspace open for business: US sets nationwide rules for commercial drones

Unless you're willing to jump through a few hoops to land yourself a special permit, flying a drone commercially in the US will land you in some pretty hot water with the authorities. But newly announced drone laws are set to clear the way for business-related drone flight across the nation, with the FAA taking its first significant steps towards integrating small unmanned aircraft into US airspace.Read More


Walkera F210 3D review: The full FPV drone racing experience, straight out of the box

Drone racing is one of the most exciting sports to spring up in recent years. It doesn't seem to make much of an arena spectacle for an audience yet, but the video highlights are wild, and it's an awesome sport to participate in. Up until recently, it's been a bit of a geek's game, but ready-to-fly racing quadcopters are set to open things up to a whole new generation of pilots that don't have any interest in building their own aircraft. And this one's a doozy: Walkera's F210 3D arrives fully assembled, and it's crazy fast, super responsive, easy and fun to fly. It's also built like a brick ... outhouse, so it's ready to take all kinds of crash abuse. We've had one on deck for a week and Loz is starting to feel like he might get hooked on this thing.Read More

Exo360 drone shoots VR content on the fly

There's a few of them around already and plenty more on the way, but you do feel the whole 360-degree video camera thing is just getting started. Still, that's no reason you can't fit the technology to a flying robot to try and take VR content creation to the next level. The Exo360 drone carries five 4K cameras that gather aerial footage in all directions, before stitching the clips together into 360-degree video for immersive viewing on popular VR headsets.Read More

Ehang 184 taxi drone to undergo flight testing in the US

The idea of personalized air travel aboard autonomous flying taxis sounds like a pretty fanciful transport concept, but it started to get some serious traction when Ehang's 184 drone landed at CES earlier this year. Many questions remain over how the human-carrying aircraft would function in the real world, but at least some of these may soon be answered with the company winning governmental approval to test the vehicle in Nevada airspace.Read More


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