Drive Suits let you become a real-life Transformer


November 14, 2012

Drive Suits are life-size Transformers-inspired costumes, with motorized wheels that allow them to move when in "vehicle" mode

Drive Suits are life-size Transformers-inspired costumes, with motorized wheels that allow them to move when in "vehicle" mode

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For the past few years, entrepreneur Drew Beaumier has been creating life-size Transformers-inspired costumes known as Drive Suits. Thanks to the wearer’s motorized “drive boots,” they can actually trundle along the ground when in “vehicle” mode. It may be a bit late for Halloween, but you can now buy one of your own.

Some of Drew’s existing Drive Suits include a VW Beetle, a Mustang, a Camaro and various motorcycles. In all cases, the person wearing the suit can hunker down and use the knee-mounted drive boots to move the “vehicle” forward at about 12 mph (19 km/h), then spring up and strut around like Optimus Prime.

Each of the suits are made by hand from gently used toys and sporting gear. It takes him about 50 hours to assemble one suit, which can be made to resemble a vehicle of the buyer’s choice.

A complete Drive Suit, including vehicle body, helmet, motor-equipped drive boots, battery belt and charger will run you about US$1,800 plus shipping.

One of the suits can be seen in action in the video below.

Source: Drive Suits via Shark Tank

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Hahahaha... So lame. But so awesome. Want.

Joe Apperson

OK, I think I see the next kids in line to get bullied. Soon as these hit the market, the kid with the dangling back tire is giving up his lunch money... Just sayin'.

Jeff Vandervort

It's like a watching a B movie, Not quite Transformers as a possible transmopher? :/ I think We all want to see real life Robo Tech., but these guys may want to get an engineering degree before posting themselves online..


Love Transformers like this concept but kinda hard to dress into. Great for kids though or empty suburban streets, parking lots. Need an Adult size model to make effective for use.

Stephen Russell

Very creative use of recycled toys! My 10 yr old has relinquished all other wishes is now expecting one for Christmas. I agreed, if he makes $1800 in the neighborhood raking leaves and shoveling snow! And of course we're sure Gargomoth has both an engineering degree and tons of creative inventions out there :/


This guy was actually on the TV show Shark Tank and actually had two sharks make him an offer. He accepted one from Kevin O'Leary.

Bill Bunnell

So insufferably pathetic even I don't want one, these however: drool, don't care if I need to be way more fit than I am to use one, also don't care that I've no location nearby where I could use one, and not get runover, Also don't care I've no nearby place to coast down. That they don't give the buggy-rollin equipment away and the factors, mentioned, total I do care. Maybe back mounted adjustable thrust peroxide rocket with buggy-rollin gear, now that's the ticket, or a way to get one, without the cop laughing at you.

Dave B13

I would like to buy one.Can someone tell me were?or how i can buy it.

Brad Westbury
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