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Drinkwell Hydro-Go portable water bowl for pets


March 12, 2009

Drinkwell Hydro-Go portable water bowl

Drinkwell Hydro-Go portable water bowl

March 13, 2009 Anyone who has ever embarked upon a road trip with their four-legged friend will appreciate this clever, simple invention. Drinkwell Hydro-Go is a two-in-one canteen and drink bowl designed to cut down on mess and water wastage. The integrated bowl is connected to the top of the bottle neck, flip out the bowl and pour water through the connecting funnel and you have a simple solution to re-hydrating your pet on the go without having to share your own water supply.

When your pet is satisfied, the design allows for remaining water (and slobber... this could be one drawback) to be returned to the canteen so that your supply of H2O goes further. The canteen holds 36oz of water and the bowl section (which can be fully detached and used as a food dish) holds 12oz of fluid. Lugging refreshments overland is made easier by the inclusion of a canvas strap and the whole thing is dishwasher safe.

We can see how this product would be especially useful when camping with your pet when clean water supplies (or water supplies full stop) are an issue.

The Drinkwell Hydro-Go costs USD$19.99.

Anne Hanrahan

Via: Veterinary Ventures.

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