Drink No More: stop your pets from drinking toilet water


October 19, 2009

Drink No More will sound an alarm and flash a warning signal when your pet approaches the toilet

Drink No More will sound an alarm and flash a warning signal when your pet approaches the toilet

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Household pets like to drink water from the toilet because it is cool and readily available. However, it's also full of bacteria and toilet cleaner residue, both of which can make your pet ill. And you don’t really want them near your face when you know where their head has just been! Drink No More is an alarm that is on alert when the toilet lid is up and sounds warning beeps when a pet or person approaches the bowl.

If you can’t rely on household members and guests to remember to keep the toilet lid closed, the Drink No More deterrent might just keep pets at bay. This small, plastic device is attached to the underside of the lid and when the lid is left up, will flash and emit warning beeps when pets or humans approach from 28 inches away. The battery-powered deterrent switches to off mode when the lid is closed.

This device could become very annoying in a large household but, on the plus side, it could also help solve that common household argument of toilet lid up versus toilet lid down. One other concern is that the deterrent is only in off mode when the lid is closed, so it could be a little disconcerting for human guests when it comes time to use your bathroom.

The device is available from Solutions for USD $24.95

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Your dog (dunno about cats) is "factory programmed" NOT to drink water located too near rotten flesh (ie food) as in such case water could be contaminated. So, offering your pet fresh water in a distant location from his food, in the other corner of the kitchen for example, would do the trick too ... (your pet would prefer this solution, but granted, that would prevent you from buying a gadget :-) )

Pierre-André Aebischer

How do you tell a dog not to drink from puddles or ponds? presumably the water is not exactly very hygenic, but it does not seem to do the dog much harm.


Why not just put a slow release foul-tasting and harmless (to pets) chemical in the toilet tank? Common table salt perhaps?

Gruph Norgle

What´s wrong with a dog or cat drinking from the toilet? Its us that see this as something undesirable. Howmany of you out there know how many dogs love to eat shit (no joke) especially catshit. Another thing, you can easily toilet train your cat when young. Look up ´cat toilet training´ on internet and you´ll see what I mean. And no expensive gadgetry needed. A bit of perseverance: yes. Have fun. Especially when the cat discovers the toilet roll.


Put the lid DOWN

Joel Reed
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