Dreampad pillow delivers lullabys for your ears only


March 19, 2014

Using bone conduction, the Dreampad delivers audio only the person lying on it

Using bone conduction, the Dreampad delivers audio only the person lying on it

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There are many people who find a little music helps them drift off to sleep at night. Conversely, there are many people who don't. With its ability to deliver music to only the person resting their head on it, the Dreampad from Integrated Listening could be just the thing for couples with a foot in each camp.

Just like bone conduction headphones (or hats), the Dreampad bypasses the outer ear and delivers vibrations produced by transducers inside the pillow to the bony area around the middle and inner ear. The result is audio that only the person in direct contact with the Dreampad can hear, leaving their partner undisturbed, even when lying right next to the device.

The pillow measures 12 x 22 x 2 in (30 x 56 x 5 cm), with its slim profile allowing it to be positioned on top of a standard pillow inside a pillowcase. Its quilted microfiber cover is removable, washable and hypoallergenic, with waterproof pillowcases for kids also available as optional extras.

The Dreampad connects to an audio player via a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, with the company throwing in five music programs of the sort you'd expect to find on a new age music CD with the pillow. A Sony Walkman MP3 player preloaded with relaxing music is also offered as an optional extra for anyone without their own audio device.

The Dreampad is priced at US$179, with the optional Walkman adding $70 and the waterproof pillowcases going for $14.95 each.

Source: Dreampad via C-NET

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Bluetooth? Or maybe, Bluetooth?

180 bucks and no Bluetooth? What is this; 1999?

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