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Dormi turns Android devices into baby monitors


February 18, 2014

Dormi is a baby monitor app for parents with two or more Android phones

Dormi is a baby monitor app for parents with two or more Android phones

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Baby monitors are one of the multitude of things that parents have to remember to pack when going away for a weekend, or that they don't have to hand when visits with friends last longer than expected. A new app solves this problem, for families with two or more Android devices. Dormi replaces the need for a dedicated baby monitor by turning one device into a transmitter that captures audio, and relays it to one or more other receiver devices.

Although Dormi can be used when there is no internet connection available, via Wi-Fi Direct or a Wi-Fi Hotspot, it can also connect to the internet (using Wi-Fi or mobile data) so that a parent who is traveling can hear and speak to their child from the other side of the world, similar to the Belkin WeMo for iOS.

The transmitter or "child device" can be left anywhere in the room that a baby is in, and will automatically adjust the sensitivity of its microphone to ensure that any noise is being adequately relayed. Dormi will play any sounds it detects on the receivers, or "parent devices," but parents can press a button on the app to listen immediately for even the faintest of noises. Push-to-talk functionality is also available so that parents can comfort their baby from afar.

Notifications for missed calls and text messages can be set up, battery level is displayed, and when using a device that is equipped with a relevant sensor, room temperature can be shown. Vibration notifications are also provided should your baby start crying whilst you're using a parent device for a phone call.

One hour of monitoring reportedly consumes about 10 percent of battery life. The app is designed to work with Android as far back as version 2.3, so that any otherwise redundant devices that are lying around can be put to good use.

Dormi is free to use for four hours every month, but requires a paid subscription for use beyond that.

The video below demonstrates the app's functionality.

Source: Dormi

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There is an app already available for free with no limitations called PRESENCE by PEOPLE POWER. check it out.


Esperanto! Love it :)


Now one need not bug a place or have other people listen in on conversations. Just turn this on and leave it behind.


Another app available for free with no limitations and more options like two way intercom and live video is Munchkin Monitor: https://www.facebook.com/munchkinmonitor

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