The world of four-door sedans is about to get real, thanks to the 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, unveiled Wednesday at a special event in Detroit. Dodge claims it is the most powerful mass-produced sedan ever, at 707 horsepower, as well as the fastest, with a top speed of 204 mph (328 km/h) and the ability to cover a quarter-mile (0.4 km) in 11 seconds.

"This is a car that no customer has ever asked us to build," said Tim Kuniskis, Chrysler's President of the Dodge brand. "But sometimes you need to build a car that just defines itself. Sometimes you need to build a car that redefines the preconceived definition of practicality."

If you buy that line, then the new definition of "practical" is apparently a HEMI 6.2-liter V8 engine capable of 650 lb-ft (881 Nm) of torque. Among other mind-bending factoids is a specially tuned crank damper tested to 13,000 rpm.

Unlike its brethren, the Challenger SRT two-door unveiled last month, the Charger will only be available with an 8-speed automatic transmission and no all-wheel drive.

At the center of its rolling parts are 20-inch Slingshot wheels in front and back, fitted with huge 15.4-inch rotors and 6-piston caliper brakes in front and 13.8-inch rear disc brakes in back.

A little more practicality does come with those two extra doors and a back seat that Dodge claims comes with enough legroom "for your basketball-playing sons and daughters."

On the outside, the sedan gets an aggressive look in its front fascia that fits the Hellcat moniker well. The whole beefy package weighs in at 4,560 lb (2,068 kg) and should go on sale in the first quarter of next year with pricing details still to come. You can watch the entire product reveal below.

Source: Dodge

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    • I have already driven Honda Accord with a speedometer showing 240 km/hr. Could do 210 on a special limited distance. track. US cars yes, it may be fastest.

    • Awesome performance, but something tells me the mpg (CITY) figure isn't going to be so "practical".

    • I watched the video and it may have been a slip but it sounds like at 24:33 in the QA portion the CEO said "We purposefully priced this car at 59 95 to put it within reach of.." I assume that's $59,950 but then someone directly asked for the price of the car later in the QA and he said it wasn't available yet.

      @Milton A couple people asked that in the QA and the MPG hasn't been EPA certified yet but they said they were hoping the challenger would get 20 MPG highway. The Charger is a tad heavier but has a tad better (~18%) drag coefficient so that's probably ballpark for highway.

    • Holy crap. 4560lbs? That's a mini-van.

    • "Awesome performance"

      Not really - not for 707 bhp. It'd be a damn' sight faster if it didn't weigh as much as my house.

      Keith Reeder
    • @Daishi

      Thanks, I missed that in the video (didn't watch the Q&A).

      20 mpg highway is likely to mean 12-15 mpg city. Ouch!

      But I guess if you are buying this thing MPG isn't much of a factor. I just cracked-up that the spokesman kept calling it so "practical".

    • I wish they would have innovated a little and grabbed the 3.0L V-6 Diesel that powers the Ram 1/2 ton and Maserti quattroporte, with more hp of course in the latter. 275hp and 442 ft-lbs torque in the Maserati.

      A Charger ( or ChargeD, if you prefer) with the 8 speed auto would have gotten probably 32-34 mpg and still decently fast.

    • Yep, they sure know how to "disregard the data"!

      Mel Tisdale
    • @Milton I have to think redefining practical was meant as a joke. They took something practical like a sedan, and gave it an impractical amount of power. Maybe Iran or ISIS could come on board as a sponsor. Your operating costs would be highly depending on who set who's oil fields on fire this week.

      4560 lbs is heavy. A base Bugatti is 4200 lbs and 1000 HP but also about $2.2 million (plus $200k in tires and rims every 10,000 miles) vs about $60k for the charger.

    • Looks a lot like a four door Viper. It probably gets as good MPG as my pickup.

    • This engine needs to be put into the 300C SRT8.

      Ed Yee
    • It does look like a 4 door Viper. Nice looking car. Of course, these types of cars are getting smoked now on the streets by the Tesla. With the new Model 3 coming out at just 29 after incentives, it will be pretty funny watching these 700+hp dinosaurs getting owned by every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

    • WTF is he talking about?

      Typical "brand" marketing BS.

      I don't see one dodge listed on anyone's 2014 top 10, 15, 20??? sales lists.

      Grown ups spending their own money - only measure success by sales, not trends, google searches, likes, tweets or other current digital marketing BS.

      Another ugly car with a big engine - yawn.

    • Chrysler almost went bankrupt recently. Is building something that less than 1% of the population would consider really a sound business strategy? I love high power cars but I'd say that building a gas guzzling car that can go 4 times the speed limit is suicide to a struggling company. I wonder if it could catch a Nissan GTR. All that power and not even 4WD. It will be good for laying down black strips I guess.

    • Let's count doors. One. Two. Three. FAIL.

      Gregg Eshelman
    • Guess I'll go against popular opinion and all the greenies and say how much I L-O-V-E the Charger Hellcat and can't wait for the order banks to open. Contrary to opinion, there has been a long time Modern Mopar Muscle culture hoping for such a full sized vehicle with 4 doors, The Hellcat Challenger is too small. All you have to do is check out long established forums to see what enthusiasts desire. Chrysler listens and doesn't disappoint.

      If I wanted the vehicles others have brought up in the comments, then that's what I would purchase. Gas prices and MPG don't matter to me. (I already own a POS daily driver that gets great mileage and keeps me in the HOA lanes.)

      What hasn't been mentioned is the choice of the 3 driving modes...Sport, Street, Track or the option to customize up to 125 configurations. To have such a vehicle come completely packaged as the Hellcat for a yet to be named price is a dream. We all know there is nothing else out there (comparable) that will even come close to what the price will be...far below $100K.

      Chrysler has discontinued any new 300SRT (no more 6.4L) so getting one with a Hellcat is a moot point. Otherwise, I would be all over that rather than the Charger version.

    • an american take on the autobahn screamer. I get it. The yardsticks people are measuring this by is that of a sports car, but really, this is not the role dodge is trying to fill. I see this more along the lines of an AMG Mercedes, but a damn sight cheaper. I"m not a fan of the heavy dodges ,but I understand the market. The Srt-8 sold well here and I hope this one does well doo. Not exactly my cup of tea, but interesting none the less. I can't wait for a few wrecked models to have their engines sold at the junkyard. Toss out the supercharger and go twin turbo!

      Michael Wilson
    • Outstanding ! The first thing to go will be the transmission. :)

      Adrian Pineda
    • Here's a car that will be a real collector's item worth a few hundred thousand in a few years. KInda of like the 428 Cobra Jet Mustang from 40 years ago.

    • Almost no one recognized what this car is besides being a great collector car and not very practical. It is really cheap publicity. Besides stirring up a lot of conversation, think how many people will go to a dealership just to see it and maybe end up buying something else that catches their eye? This is salesmanship at its best. Crazy like a fox.

    • OK until you come to a curve, then a BMW or a Jaguar will cruise past. Power is nothing without control.

      Dirk Scott
    • Reintroduction of the Great American Muscle Car. Welcome home ...

      Elmer Neutzling
    • Don't look for the Tesla to smoke the Hellcat in the 1/4 mile, it'll lose by over a second if that 11 second Dodge claim holds.

      And don't think Tesla is gonna give away 100k's worth of performance to their bargain basement model coming out either.

      So much for the new paradigm.

    • @morongobill yeah it also gets about 3 MPG with the peddle to the floor.

    • @ daishi. One does not buy a 700 hp sedan with fuel economy in mind. I doubt it's mpg at full chat is a consideration amongst it's target audience. I for one and am enthusiast and it certainly is not with me....that being said to all the economy nerds who love to decry anything fun on wheels including their beloved tesla. There simply are not enough 700 hp behemoths around to seriously make a dent in global oil supplies. Much less are they actually driven. The real that are the myriads of suvs being driven by soccer mom's with a single kid in the passenger seat. Save for a few examples most sports cars get respectable fuel economy due to superior aerodynamics and light weight. Boxy suvs have neither.

      Michael Wilson

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