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Dodecado stacks up colorful LED lighting with rearrangeable style


September 18, 2013

Dodecado is six colors of rearrangeable, stackable LED fun

Dodecado is six colors of rearrangeable, stackable LED fun

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Dodecado lets you sculpt your lighting into an infinitely rearrangeable design, with stackable LED dodecahedrons in a range of colors and styles. The company is now taking pledges on Kickstarter to bring these dynamic lights to market.

Dodecado comes in four different functional units: the basic Dodecado building block, a multicolored DodecadoFusion, a DodecadoPlus with built-in rechargeable battery, and a Power Deck, which is required to charge the Plus and power everything else. Individual units link together with magnets, and whole light sculptures are powered through this connection, up to eight Dodecado blocks per Power Deck.

Dodecado comes in 6 different color options, including a cool and warm white

Though LED lighting is already low energy and long-lasting, the company has furthered its commitment to making Dodecado environmentally-friendly, using no mercury or lead in its bulbs or components. Additionally, the (nifty-looking) packaging is both recyclable and designed to be reused.

In addition to being fun and stylish, the range of options make the Dodecado practical in multiple situations. A charged Fusion unit, for example, could serve as emergency lighting or a camp light, with 2.5 hours of charge time. The company also plans to offer a ceiling- and wall-mounted deck and second, a solar-powered deck, adding more utility to a single unit.

The Dodecado team has launched on Kickstarter to take the working prototype into production. Pledges start at 56 CAD (US$54) for a single lighting unit and Power Deck.

If all goes well, shipping is planned to start in December, so you might be able to just squeak in a belated holiday gift if the company delivers on the Dodecado.

Below is Dodecado’s Kickstarter pitch video.

Sources: Dodecado, Kickstarter via Inhabitat

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