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Portable memories: Kaiser Baas Digital Photo Key Ring

Digital photo frames are hot stuff among consumers at the moment and from Kaiser Baas comes this handy 1.5 inch Digital Photo Key Ring - a mini digital photo frame that lets you can take your memories with you wherever you go.  Read More

Canon PIXMA iP100 Mobile Printer

April 15, 2008 The new PIXMA iP100 Mobile Printer from Canon promises a compact, high-resolution color printing solution for those on the go with the ability to cater for direct from camera, Bluetooth or in-car printing.  Read More

Toshiba's IK-HD1 3CCD HDTV Camera

Toshiba Imaging has launched the world’s smallest HD camera head, measuring just 1.6 inches and weighing only 2.3 oz. It is envisaged that the mini IK-HD1 will be used for scientific imaging and diagnostics, specialty broadcasting, homeland security, and industrial video and inspection applications.  Read More

Pandigital® PanTouch® line

April 3, 2008 Pandigital's new line of Wi-Fi equipped digital photo frames feature a touch-operation interface that allows users to tap or swipe icons for access to digital photos, MP3 music or video clips and incorporates a patent pending "page turn" effect, which mimics the effect of a photo album being turned. The obvious question - who wants fingerprints all over their holiday snaps? Luckily the designers have this one covered - touch-operation is via a fingerprint resistant matting that surrounds the viewable area leaving images smudge free. The new PanTouch® line has three models ranging in size from 7-inch to 10.4-inch with on-board memory from 128MB to 512MB respectively.  Read More

UAHuntsville researcher David Pollock

Researchers at the University of Alabama (UAH) have developed a wide-angle camera that will assist security forces by enabling them to monitor large areas through high-resolution images taken from a satellite or an airborne craft. The proposed one giga-pixel camera was created after UAH researcher, David Pollock, discovered that if you point a large number of lenses toward a common point, and then make a small correction on each of the lenses, you have a camera with capabilities that far surpass existing technologies.  Read More

Plustek 7300

March 28, 2008 Available this April, Plustek’s new range of OpticFilm professional-grade scanners convert slides into high quality, 48-bit color digital images at a whopping 7200x7200 dpi resolution.  Read More

DocuPen RC800

March 28, 2008 Planon Systems Solutions has released a slimline hand-held color scanning device that promises a fast and convenient means of digitally capturing full-page documents on the go, with enough memory to store hundreds of pages of text, photos and graphics.  Read More

Flip video cam takes 13% market share

March 24, 2008 David Pogue of the New York Times has written a very positive review of Pure Digital’s Flip video camera which we previewed here. Pogue points out that in the twelve months since it was released, the simple no-frills but functional camera has garnered 13 % of the video camera marke, making it one of the biggest digital trends of 2007.  Read More

Asterbot automated video tagging

March 14, 2008 Asterpix has released new technology that automatically tags any internet video with interactive hotspots allowing users to see notes, links to more information and other videos on related topics. The new system build on the company's web-based service that enabled users to create interactive videos - with Asterbot, the work is done for you.  Read More

ThruVision’s Security Imaging Systems

March 12, 2008 ThruVision’s T5000 Security Imaging System uses passive terahertz imaging technology to reveal concealed weapons in both stationary and mobile subjects - even outdoors - at a range of up to 25 meters. T-rays can pass through clothing, paper, cardboard, wood, masonry, fog and clouds, but bounce off metal, liquid, and some ceramics and plastics – this allows the T5000 to easily identify weapons even in a moving crowd of people.  Read More

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