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Digital Cameras

Canon's HG10 High definition HDD camcorder

August 8, 2007 Canon’s new HG10 Hard Disk Drive Camcorder is the latest to use the Advanced Video Codec High Definition format which was introduced by Sony and Panasonic in 2006 and offers greater compression than HDV and MiniDV. The hard disk drive HG10 records up to 15 hours of HD footage and features a 10x HD Video lens, an HD CMOS image sensor, Canon’s proprietary DIGIC DV II Image Processor, SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization and Instant Auto Focus.  Read More

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ18: 8.1 megapixel, 18x optical zoom for US$400

August 7, 2007 Ten years ago the release of the first digital camera to have one-megapixel resolution under US$1000 was cause for celebration. In two years time, manufacturers had comfortably doubled that resolution and by 2001, it had doubled again... and the trend continues unabated into 2007 with the latest 8.1 megapixel release from Panasonic - the LUMIX DMC-FZ18. Though not matching Fujifilm's recent 12-megapixel F50fd in resolution, the DMC-FZ18 boasts 18x optical zoom – six times the average zoom of one year ago - and has a raft of other features including face detection and image stabilization.  Read More

Hitachi unveils the First Blu-Ray Disc Camcorder

August 2, 2007 Hitachi today unveiled the world’s first Blu-ray Disc (BD) Camcorder, which records one hour of 1920x1080 Full High-Definition video onto a BD (single side, single layer.) The new camcorders go on sale in Japan on August 30, and will be introduced into overseas market starting from October 2007. The new DZ-BD7H is a Hybrid Cam with a BD drive and a 30 gigabyte (GB) built-in hard disc drive (HDD) which can record approximately four hours of 1920x1080 full high-definition video, or up to eight hours of 1440x1080 high-definition video. It can also copy the contents from HDD to 8cm BD within the camcorder so that users do not need to use any external devices.  Read More

Dtect’s infra-red people and vehicle counter

July 31, 2007 Traffic jams, aside from being extremely frustrating, are also extremely costly. The Texas Transport Institute calculated that during 1996 traffic congestion ate up $74 billion in lost hours and petrol – and with congestion only rising since then it’s a sure bet that even more money has gone down the drain while commuters get nowhere. In an effort to combat congestion, many governments are looking towards car-pooling, offering monetary incentives to businesses that encourage it and introducing high occupancy vehicle lanes. However, a potential problem lies in policing them. To that end, Loughborough University has released the Dtect system – an infra red camera and image processing unit that can determine how many occupants a car has in an instant. And unlike a sleepy toll booth operator, or other photography based systems, it won’t be fooled by dressed up mannequins.  Read More

Fuji's fashion-conscious Z10fd digital compact camera

July 27, 2007 While their 12-megapixel F50fd pushes the boundaries of compact camera resolution, Fujifilm’s concurrent release, the 7.2 megapixel FinePix Z10fd, takes aim at a different demographic altogether. The Z10fd is marketed as a “fashion” camera for the tech-savvy blogger generation. Featuring Fuji’s nifty Face Detection technology, automatic redeye removal, in-camera cropping and image resizing for web use, Infrared image transfer to other IR-equipped devices, plus a range of colours so lairy they’ll give older folk migraines, the Z10fd looks to be a solid mid-range addition to the Fujifilm lineup.  Read More

FinePix F50fd

July 27, 2007 Just when it looked like the headlong rush towards more MegaPixels had slowed down in favor of greater optical zoom capabilities in the compact camera arena, Fujifilm has announced the upcoming release of the F50fd - a compact unit that boasts a staggering 12 MegaPixel image resolution and crams in a raft of cutting edge features including Dual Image Stabilization, enhanced Face Detection and improved automated flash capabilities that include a two shot flash mode which takes two shots in quick succession in low light - one with flash one without - to ensure optimum results with minimum effort and takes full advantage of its extremely sensitive ISO levels of up to 6400 (1600 at full resolution). The F50fd is among four new additions to the FinePix F series due for release in September and will retail for around US$300 - compare this to the more than $10K outlay required to purchase a 1.3 megapixel camera like the Kodak DCS-100 in the early 1990's and it's clear just how very far the industry has come in less than two decades.  Read More

New Casio EXILIM digital cameras tailored for YouTube capture

July 19, 2007 Casio's latest EXILIM Digital Camera release is embracing the widespread penetration of the Youtube phenomenon by including YouTube capture mode software for recording, storing and uploading video. Following a trend already apparent in recent product releases from Apple and LG, the new EX-S880 and EX-Z77 facilitate multiple movie uploads directly to YouTube and other video sharing web sites as well as adding optimization for eBay photos and enhanced blur reduction and face recognition capacity.  Read More

Focus Firestore FS-100 records HD video streams in the field

July 16, 2007 Slowly but ever-so-surely, leading edge digital tools are democratising the motion picture industry. The tools used by Peter Jackson, James Cameron and Francis Ford Coppola and other big screen directors are becoming available to the common man. First Panasonic's HVX200 P2 Handheld Camera-recorder put the first cost-effective highest def tool in place and now the tiny portable Focus Firestore FS-100 takes it one step further by recording DV/DVCPRO, DVCPRO 50 or DVCPRO HD video streams via FireWire while in the field. The FS-100 offers real-time back-up to the HVX202’s P2 cards and extends the overall recording duration by 100 minutes. Considering that 16GB flash cards hold just 15 minutes at the highest resolution, the FS-100 is a significant enabling technology regardless of its bargain-basement US$2,000 price tag. Hi definition video production is now affordable and set to thrive in the world of the one-man-shooter.  Read More

Canon's SELPHY CP740 Compact Photo Printer

July 4, 2007 Digital photography has opened a lot of doors in terms of photo sharing and the distribution of digital images - but people still love printed photos they can hold in their hand or stick in a scrapbook - but while printing technology has reached an excellent standard, it hasn't always been very convenient. Canon's SELPHY compact photo printer aims to address this - it's a full lab-color 4" x 6" photo printer that prints straight from a camera or memory card, and is small enough to take to parties with you. Its dye-sublimation printing process is similar to what your local photo processing shop uses. Consider it the polaroid camera of the digital age.  Read More

The NUR Expedio Revolution Inkjet printer

July 4, 2007 A new mega-sized inkjet printer went on show at SHANGHAI AD & Sign 2007 in China yesterday when NUR Macroprinters showed its advanced NUR Expedio Revolution which prints images up to five meters (16.6ft) wide, enabling it to print billboards in a single pass. Apart from its impressive size, the Expedio Revolution offers unsurpassed printing speed at 300 sq.m (3,200 sq.ft) per hour and can be configured for high quality double-sided printing at 90 sq.m /hr. But wait, there’s more – so that it doesn’t sit idle when there are no billboards to print, it’s capable of multi-roll printing on three rolls simultaneously allowing users to print different files on each roll, reducing costly substrate waste. As there’s effectively no limit to the length of each print, this baby can print an image 5 meters tall and 60 metres long - in an hour. Just the thing for gift wrapping houses.  Read More

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