Digital Cameras

GoPro's six-camera, 360-degree VR rig up for preorder

The day before it revealed its 16-camera Odyssey rig at Google I/O last year, GoPro announced it was working on a drone as well a six-camera spherical array that was later named the Omni. We may still be waiting for the drone, but at NAB this week the company opened up preorders for the Omni and launched a dedicated platform for sharing and viewing VR content via the web or a new app for iOS and Android devices.Read More

Pictar makes your iPhone more like a camera

Given the popularity of smartphone photography, many people no longer even own a stand-alone camera. That said, there is something to be said for the physical buttons and ergonomic design of cameras, that a phone just can't match. As a result, we've seen several docking devices that essentially turn smartphones into cameras. The Pictar is the latest, offering some handy features.Read More

Portable camera parachute elevates aerial GoPro photography

A change in perspective generally leads to fresh composition and context, which is essential for anyone looking to develop their photography game. It's easy enough to crouch down low behind a lens, but the latest aerodynamic accessory assists with an avian view. Birdie is designed to be hand-tossed into the air, allowing GoPro cameras to take continuous photos or video safely on the way down.Read More

Flexible sheet camera bends to give a new field of view

Researchers have developed a sheet camera with a flexible lens array which could be wrapped around everyday objects, turning them into cameras. The project, which uses elastic optics, could also see the development of credit card-thin cameras which a photographer simply bends to change the field of view.Read More

Facebook builds its dream virtual reality video camera, and gives the design away for free

One observant media executive noted that Uber, the world's largest taxi company, owns no cars. AirBnb, the largest accomodation provider, owns no real estate and Facebook, the most popular media owner, creates no content. The social media giant looks unlikely to change tack as it forges ahead with its grand vision for virtual reality, but it does want to have a hand in the tools to bring it to us. Announced today, Facebook's Surround 360 is a 17-lens 3D-360-degree video capture system that looks like a spaceship and produces VR content on the fly, but its most impressive feature? The design and software is entirely open-source. Read More

Polaroid instant photography gets a new lease of life

Though classic Polaroids are a thing of the past, the allure of instant printing and washed out images seems to prevail. The Impossible Project team aims to provide plenty of both with its new I-1 analog camera, which uses classic Polaroid 600-type film for its shots. Like any good piece of modern tech, the I-1 hooks up to your phone via Bluetooth for enhanced functionality and can be recharged with a USB cable.Read More


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