DigiGage gives elevators a window to a virtual world


March 19, 2014

DigiGage's infotainment for elevators

DigiGage's infotainment for elevators

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A new technology designed by Israeli start-up DigiGage promises to bring the elevator experience up to the age of digital infotainment. Its most impressive feature is a proprietary algorithm that interacts with a sensor, so it reacts to the real-time movement of the elevator. This way the content of the display seems to scroll up and down with the elevator riders, creating the illusion of a window looking out into another dimension.

The patent-pending software is compatible with most existing elevators. It isn't linked to the elevator control system, so there’s no risk it could compromise safety. In terms of background content that can be displayed, there are a number of possibilities, from simulations of real-world environments (such as the ever-popular undersea vista) to more abstract digital landscapes.

The control panel is cloud-based, allowing administrators to select the type of experience they wish with the touch of a button on a mobile device screen. For information junkies, the system can also stream real-time messages about the building, specific floors, news and RSS feeds. Even social media connection is possible through the interface.

DigiGage has already rolled out the system to several locations across the globe, taking the experience to elevator riders in its home country as well as the US, China, Greece and Italy. A demonstration of the technology can be seen in the video below.

Source: DigiGage

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