Space-saving Madrid apartment boasts adaptable interior


January 28, 2014

The Madrid-based Didomestic, by Elii Architects (Photo: Miguel de Guzmán)

The Madrid-based Didomestic, by Elii Architects (Photo: Miguel de Guzmán)

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Fun-loving Spanish architects Elii, the same firm responsible for the JF-Kit House, recently completed a loft apartment refurbishment in Madrid. Coined Didomestic, the ambitious project sees the company's creative flair focused toward maximizing flexibility and storage space, with thought-provoking results.

In all, the 57 sq m (613 sq ft) apartment contains a staircase, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and utility areas. The layout is largely flexible though, as the dividing walls of the main living space are fixed onto guide rails and easily moved. If the owner wishes to host a party or invite an extra guest to stay, the walls can simply be slid into the desired position, creating a dance floor or extra room, respectively.

Such flexibility would be rather hampered if one was required to empty a room full of furniture during each re-arrange, so Elli integrated several "secret" trap doors into the ceiling of the main living space, which are accessed with wall-mounted handles and pulleys.

Once the controls are operated, furniture such as a picnic bench, swing, hammock, additional shelving, and even a disco ball can be lowered into the room (slowly, one hopes). The floor of the mezzanine area also contains trap doors which create a rudimentary dressing room and offer additional storage space.

To get a better sense of the concept behind Didomestic, check out the video below.

Sources: Elii, ImagenSubliminal

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I love the versatility and the adaptability of the design. I think it is very creative. I think it is great for the minimalist.


I like the concept in general, but I don't think it would fit a 6' tall person such as me. (and I would not be comfortable kneeling on the floor for most of my needs)


Lovely, except that as someone who lives right in the centre of Madrid I've seen rents fall here by at least 30% over the last few years: Spain has several million empty properties, the one thing we don't need here is to save space!

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