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April 10, 2013

D-Haus's folding and unfolding D-Table

D-Haus's folding and unfolding D-Table

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Readers who frequent Gizmag's architecture pages will almost certainly recall the unusual D-Dynamic concept house we looked at last November. Based on the Haberdasher's Puzzle, the house would transform from a triangular to a square plan, and any number of configurations between, thanks to its system of hinges and rails.

Now its creator, the D-Haus Company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to make a table (named D-Table, naturally) based on the same idea.

Exactly like the D-Dynamic house, the D-Table is a line of four differently shaped bits, each joined to the next by hinges. These can be folded to arrange the table into a square or equilateral triangle shape, or any other arrangement that takes your fancy.

Unfolding the table will reveal a confusion of compartments, drawers and shelves. Though this rules out the possibility of storing anything particularly large, it does suggest that the table might be adept for holding, organizing and getting at odds and ends. An especially nice touch is the three slots in the top of the table designed to show off your favorite hardback show books or vinyl records.

The D-Table's surface compartments

D-Haus is also developing a D-Mini, a smaller, many-legged version of the D-Table which, instead of using hinges, simply devotes a separate table to each of the shapes.

D-Tables will not come cheap. If the campaign is successful, to bag a table backers will have to pledge a minimum of £950 (US$1,456) for the white edition, and more for cream, classic or customizable colors. The D-Mini is rather more affordable at £150 ($230).

The usual sorts of goodies are available for lesser pledges, including a D-Haus book. Those that thought the D-Dynamic impractical might smile at its title, The Battle of No Hope.

These downsized distractions should not be taken to mean that D-Haus has given up on the D-Dynamic house. The names of all backers will be placed in a time capsule to be buried under the first D-Dynamic's foundations.

You can see how the table folds and unfolds in D-Haus's promo video below.

Sources: D-Haus, Kickstarter

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Nice product great for students especially.

Ritchard Mckie
11th April, 2013 @ 09:26 am PDT

Good Work!

Lewis M. Dickens III
11th April, 2013 @ 01:35 pm PDT
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