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Delta Six gun controller fulfills your FPS fantasies


October 8, 2012

The Delta Six controller is an attempt at adding realism to the FPS genre

The Delta Six controller is an attempt at adding realism to the FPS genre

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The humble controller has never been the best choice for first-person shooters. Those who have mastered the keyboard and mouse combo can pulverize even the best console gamers thanks to the added accuracy and speed of movement that control method provides. But while this combination may be the method of choice for serious FPS gamers, it doesn't offer any kind of realism. Something that the newly announced Delta Six controller cannot be accused of thanks to its firearm form factor.

First-person shooters have grown steadily in popularity since they arrived on the scene via Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, arguably the first proper game in the genre, and the first to gain mainstream attention. Now, thanks mainly to the growth of online multiplayer console gaming, the FPS genre hosts the biggest releases of the gaming calendar. Barring Grand Theft Auto release years, naturally.

In all that time the control method hasn't really changed, though the controller options have evolved and expanded to make the experience more realistic. Kotkin Enterprises, the company responsible for the N-Control Avenger and its successors, which work as shells for ordinary controllers, aiding gamers with adjustable levers, has unveiled its next project, which adds a much needed touch of realism to the FPS genre.

Delta Six is the name of the controller, and it's shaped like a gun, or several guns, in fact. It has different components that can be added to or removed from the core controller to turn it from a sub-machine gun into an assault rifle into a sniper rifle, depending on your favored class when playing first-person shooters.

The buttons necessary to play your typical FPS are located on the hand grip, but the Delta Six also features a silencer, scoping sights, and everything else you'd expect to see on a real gun. Thankfully they're all forged in plastic, but with the colorful buttons hidden behind the hand it looks realistic, as can be seen in the video embedded at the end of this post. This realism may cause some controversy with a mainstream media that already has a downer on violent video games.

Delta Six features a built-in accelerometer which means it works straight out of the box with no need for any additional hardware. It also employs force feedback motors that will physically react to the gun being fired as well as to the action taking place on screen. Reloading requires the user to physically eject and re-inject the magazine. In other words this is an attempt at bringing an extra touch of battlefield realism to first-person shooters. Just without the obvious danger that goes hand-in-hand with the real thing.

There are currently no details about the availability of Delta Six, but it will cost US$89.

Source: Kotkin Enterprises via Engadget

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Wow, freaking dangerous.

I can see kids and teens being blown away by the cops because someone takes this out on the street, and people think it's real.

Aren't "toy" guns supposed to have orange muzzles for safety reasons?


As an owner of a real AR-15, I couldn't agree with you more Wombat56. Even airsoft firearms have to have the orange tip so they can't be construed as a real firearm.

Jeff Schader

I think this is just advertised like fast food joints advertise their food. It looks SO good on TV with a bit of steam coming off of it. But when you go buy one it looks like somebody farted on it. I wouldnt think the final product would even be black ( think nerf guns).

Mexoplex 5 Million

Is it for console or PC or both? I think that those that use keyboard and mouse and buy one will go back to the keyboard and mouse. It's something that is way overdue.

Larry Hoffman

I also own an AR-15, but when I'm about to go on a shooting rampage, I just paint the tip orange and nobody knows what I'm up to.


These guns look great - but they use last gen Wii technology. The guns from i-zone-3 used to use that old technology but have since progressed to ultra accurate and lightning fast laser tracking technology.

If you play an FPS game with the latency exhibited in these guns against a regular keyboard and mouse player you will most likely LOOSE.

On the otherhand, if you play using an i-zone-3 rifle, the software WAS DESIGNED to BEAT keyboard and mouse players - so special attention was paid to lightning fast response time as well as a DIRECT POINT and SHOOT mode that works in ANY game - thats something that a keyboard and mouse player CANNOT do...

Robin Hossain
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