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Toyota and DC Shoes create Tacoma plow truck camper


November 8, 2013

The DC Tacoma concept plows, hauls, sleeps and parties

The DC Tacoma concept plows, hauls, sleeps and parties

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The DC Shoes Toyota Tacoma SEMA concept may not have been eligible for the Dream Build Challenge, but it's as fully equipped as any of the actual participants. This truck is like a rolling ski lodge, packing a road-clearing plow, gear racks, snowmobile carrier and rooftop tent. If every truck looked like this, there would be little need for ski resorts.

Before building the truck, DC Shoes turned to its fans to vote on proposed snow, motorcross and skateboarding Tacoma designs. Perhaps anxious for the upcoming northern winter, the fans voted SNOW, and the company worked with Camburg Engineering to bring to life ideas from its team of snowboard athletes.

The Ultimate Dream Ski 4Runner, which competed in the Ultimate Dream Build, packs some nice gear, but we have to give the edge to DC's Tacoma as far as the ultimate ski/snowboard truck. It focuses more on the destination of deep mountain snow than on the ride there.

Toyota doesn't specify the trim level of the base Tacoma, but we have to believe it's equipped with 4WD. When that's not enough to get through the deep drifts ahead, the integrated plow tunnels the way. The truck is designed to get to the morning powder while other trucks and SUVs are anchored in their driveways waiting for conditions to clear.

In the back, the truck has purpose-built carrying equipment for snow toys. A telescoping ramp loads the snowmobile with ease, and the raised deck carrier opens up bed storage underneath, where a storage drawer holds tools and other gear. The dual snowboard racks secure boards for the ride.

At the end of the day, DC's Tacoma can even serve as a backcountry shelter thanks to the pull-down roof tent. This is handy if your day runs long or if you want to camp out to get an early start on the snow in the morning. The truck even has a 40-in (1-meter) LED light bar that can illuminate the mountainside for late-night snowboard sessions.

The Tacoma also packs a little après-ride entertainment. Included Scoshe boomBOTTLE wireless speakers can be taken out and used in the snow. Inside the truck's cabin, a mounted iPad mini system can be used for music, videos and entertainment, as well as for navigation during the ride. The truck also has multiple charging ports for keeping phones and other gadgets at full power.

After its debut at SEMA, the DC Tacoma will be making stops at this winter's Dew Tour.

Source: Toyota

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Sweet. But until it has a bar then ski resorts are still needed :-)


Who designed this abomination? A 5 year old? The thing looks like it would want to tip over at any moment and yet doesn't even have a winch to get itself out of the poo if it slid off the road. I guess that is when the tent comes in handy, when you are stuck in the ditch and there is nobody around to get you out. As for the snow plough on the front, it really looks like something a preschooler would draw.

Chris Kaszubski

Great idea, it's for when the truck breaks down, do to tires and a plow that's way to big for the trucks flimsy frame and under powered motor, that there camper is going to come in handy, as we wait to be rescued.

Jay Finke

I really thought this was an April Fool's joke. Are they trying to convince people that a huge plow welded to the front of a 4 cylinder Tacoma is a good idea? This is embarrassingly ill-conceived.

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