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Here's what your iPhone needs – a viewfinder


January 22, 2013

The Daylight Viewfinder is a suction cup-mounted eyepiece designed for use in iPhone photography

The Daylight Viewfinder is a suction cup-mounted eyepiece designed for use in iPhone photography

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Although many people now use their camera-equipped smartphone for all their photo-taking needs, better-quality compact cameras still have some key advantages. Among those is the fact that most cameras have an optical viewfinder (along with an LCD screen), allowing users to view images even in bright sunlight. The Daylight Viewfinder aims to add that same functionality to the iPhone.

The Daylight Viewfinder is simply an extendable eyepiece with a screw-on suction pad, that allows it to be temporarily attached to the iPhone’s screen – it also works with the iPad or iPod touch.

The gadget is used with the free Daylight Viewfinder app, which shrinks the onscreen image from the iDevice’s camera to the point where the whole thing can be seen through the eyepiece. Due to the fact that reducing the size of that image also reduces its resolution, the app is only intended for devices that have the ultra-sharp Retina display.

Additionally, the app features touchscreen controls that are mirrored in an overlay on its viewfinder image, so users can see what button their finger is on without looking away from the viewfinder.

The Daylight Viewfinder is available for US$30 from Photojojo, or via its own website. It can be seen in use in the video below.

Source: Photojojo

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