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Bond Touch would allow for customized wearable gadgets


January 29, 2014

Bond Touch is a modular wearable system that lets you wear just the features you want, in ...

Bond Touch is a modular wearable system that lets you wear just the features you want, in the style you want

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Bond Touch originated as a wearable device that shares touches between you and your loved one and the world. After launching an IndieGogo campaign and failing to obtain enough pledges, its designers have expanded their vision to modular components with features such as USB storage that can be attached together to create a perfect wearable device individualized to anyone’s requirements.

The premise is simple: currently any wearable device can offer a few features on its own, but if you wanted to combine all of them, you’d be wearing multiple bracelets, bands, or straps. Bond Touch streamlines each module into the same shape and style, and lets the user only pay for the functionality they want. Once modules are attached magnetically they can be worn on the wrist or as a pendant.

The two essential modules are the “brain” and the “display," where the brain communicates between other modules and the smartphone app via Bluetooth. The display module provides information and notifications from the app.

Some of the additional modules that are currently being considered for production are an extra battery, a USB storage module, and a transportation module encoded with information for your local public transit account, allowing the user to quickly swipe and pay at a transit card reader.

The Bond Touch app allows for syncing and controlling the wearable modules

The app will allow you to sync modules together, send and receive authentications and notifications to the modules, and try out new modules before buying.

Bond Touch is not yet available for purchase, but you can currently vote on which modules you’d like to see developed.

The video below depicts the Bond Touch vision for wearables.

Source: Bond Touch

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"After launching an IndieGogo campaign and failing to obtain enough pledges..." No wonder. I've read this article, gone to their website and watched their video multiple times and still have NO clue what this product is or does. Pitiful marketing. wow.

30th January, 2014 @ 10:11 pm PST
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