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CT&T goes amphibious


January 12, 2010

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Korean Electric Vehicle specialist CT&T; has been out in force at all the major shows recently, each time showing more and more capability and ever more alluring product. The company, founded by a former Hyundai Executive, now has more EV manufacturing capacity than any company globally, with plants in Korea and China and a new facility planned fior the United States and hence claims the title, "the world's largest electric vehicle manufacturer" At Detroit, it showed three really interesting vehicles including its C2 two-seater open-top sports car with a top speed of 93 mph, a tiny electric city car with a top speed of 65 mph (range 70 miles) and an amphibious electric vehicle with 40 mph top speed on land, and 10 mph on water.

You'll see that the specification cards matching up to the vehicles don't actually reflect the figures above, but after discussion with them, we think those above are the correct ones, and something got lost in translation when the show exhibit cards were being produced, though it'd be really cool if the little amphibious vehicle really did 95 mph on water because one of my fellow Gizmag employees has a 250 bhp Kawasaki Ultra250X jet ski and I'd buy one of these and go around and kick his butt with it.

Seriously though, a four-seat electric amphibious vehicle makes loads of sense and has wide-ranging application given 95% of mankind lives on or near the water, and there are lots of places this baby would offer access to that you won't get to in anything else.

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