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Cry Translator iPhone App tells you why your baby is crying


November 8, 2009

iPhone App tells you why your baby is crying

iPhone App tells you why your baby is crying

Most new parents would agree that working out exactly why a baby is crying and coming up with the right solution can be extremely stressful, so why not turn to the wonderful world of technology to solve the problem? The Cry Translator is an iPhone application that translates a baby’s cries, categorizing them with one of five possible reasons: hungry, sleepy, annoyed, stressed or bored.

Although we've been somewhat skeptical of baby translation devices in the past, we're glad to see that the claims for this app seem to be backed by extensive research. The software is the result of a six-year study said to confirm that it is possible to gauge a type of cry with accuracy.

It also seems that baby speak transcends the language barriers we adults experience. "These five cries are universal to all babies regardless of culture or language" said Cry Translator creators Pedro Barrera and Luis Meca.

Spanish developer BiLoop Technologic goes on to say that "Every baby has a unique accent and tone, just as adults do. These inflections combined with a familiar cry pattern allow parents/caregivers over time to decipher their baby’s cries. For example, a stressed cry has a strong, short sound, falls slowly and then rises again, whereas a hungry cry is high-pitched and energetic."

The results of this research have confirmed a 90% accuracy rate during clinical tests, a figure that reassured Biloop Technologic enough to invest in the product. The App is available for US$9.99, surely a small price to pay for a bit of peace and quiet.

Via NYDailyNews.com.


Seen it. I prefer the Baby Translator for iPhone, though. Much cheaper, much funnier.

Barry J
9th November, 2009 @ 04:59 pm PST

Is there a cry for "get that damn iPhone outta my face!"

Gruph Norgle
14th November, 2009 @ 06:05 pm PST
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