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Crosskix wants to make a functional, stylish EVA training shoe


April 18, 2013

Wearing the Crosskix shoes for running

Wearing the Crosskix shoes for running

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EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is a soft foam composite used in all kinds of sports equipment, including ski boots, and, in recent years, shoes. The brand most people associate with this type of shoe is Crocs, and its colorful and comfortable clogs. Crosskix is a new name looking to make waves in the market with an EVA shoe that looks much more like a traditional sneaker, while still offering the same benefits of other EVA footwear.

Like the competition, the Crosskix sneakers are pitched as being light, comfortable, easy to clean, wearable in all kinds of conditions (including in water), and affordable. The major difference between these and other EVA footwear is the functionality. Unlike most EVA shoes, which are meant to be comfortable shoes for lounging around in, these shoes are designed for athletic activity.

Though they're not going to replace a basketball shoe or football cleat, the creators do recommend them for running and for foot recovery after playing sports or taking part in other strenuous activities.

Unlike your average sneaker, which will probably need to spend some quality time in the washing machine to remain fresh and clean, the Crosskix sneakers can simply be hosed down.

The man behind Crosskix, Eric Saligumba, is seeking funding for his Crosskix shoes on Kickstarter. The project got off to a weird start, with it being pulled in the middle of funding due to a change in the required goal (which was actually lowered), but it is back now, and it's blown past its US$20,000 goal.

There are still a limited number of pairs available at the second early-bird tier for US$39. Once those run out, there is a second limited run available for $44. After that, the final price is $49.

The Kickstarter pitch below provides more information on Crosskix.

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The "phylon" outsole is also EVA... a TERRIBLE material for an outsole that is to have any durability in a sport shoe. (Other shoe brands use it for midsoles, but not outsoles.)

And although this is purely opinion, I have to say I don't think the label "stylish" applies. "Gaudy" maybe.

Anne Ominous

Just make something for people with FLAT FEET please!!! I need instep support in a bad way.

Veronica Deevers

Looks like a sturdy shoe with a much better sole than Crocs. I've got a pile of Crocs with worn out soles - I wear them everywhere. Then I found out about Holeys. They are excellent - same as Crocs almost but with a sole bottom that is durable and gives traction.

I'm sure these new sport shoes will be a great success. It said in this article you can pre-order . . . where? Didn't see anything about it on their website.


I REALLY like the idea of washing of my shoes so easily, and of wearing them in and out of wet environments. Ordering...

Nehemiah Spencer
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