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Bluetooth Keypad adds numeric keypad to Apple Wireless Keyboard


January 20, 2011

Cropmark LMP Bluetooth Keypad connects to the Apple Wireless Keyboard via a linkage bar

Cropmark LMP Bluetooth Keypad connects to the Apple Wireless Keyboard via a linkage bar

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The LMP wireless numerical keypad for the Apple Wireless Keyboard that made its way through the FCC last November is now available for purchase. Now called the Cropmark LMP Bluetooth Keypad it integrates with the Apple Wireless Keyboard by way of a linkage bar or can be used as a standalone unit to provide an extra 28 keys of number-oriented typing goodness to any Bluetooth enabled Mac.

Just in time for the U.S. tax season, the numeric keypad should prove popular with anyone regularly working with numbers who prefers the more convenient calculator-style key setup over the number keys across the length of the keyboard of Apple's device. The dongle-free unit is designed to blend seamlessly with the Apple Wireless Keyboard with its brushed aluminum looks – although it’s housing is actually plastic – and white keys.

In addition to the 0-9 numerical keys there’s an extra five function keys, page up/down, arrow up/down, delete forward, clear, +, *, –, /, = and decimal point keys. It is powered by two AA batteries and connects to any Mac running OS X 10.5 or higher via Bluetooth 2.1 using a Broadcom Bluetooth chipset. The device won’t work with Windows or an iPad.

The Cropmark LMP Bluetooth Keypad is available now for US$39.99.

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