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Cricket portable laptop stand


November 12, 2008

Cricket portable laptop stand

Cricket portable laptop stand

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November 13, 2008 Laptop stands are a great solution for keeping your machine cool and your posture upright when spending hours at the desk, but when it comes time to pack your bags and get on the road, there just never seems to be room for these types of little added extras. It's a problem that the collapsible, lightweight Cricket Laptop Stand is designed to solve.

When folded down, the 6oz (170g) Stand is compact enough to slip into the side pocket of a computer bag. Unfold it and it becomes a three pronged perch for laptops (or Tablet PCs) of all sizes up to a weight of around 12 pounds (6kg) with six different incremental height adjustments. Add a travel keyboard and mouse and you have a significantly more comfortable portable office.

A design like this is does seem more susceptible to tipping over when accidentally knocked or during a cable changing frenzy than those that have a wider span on the rear base, so a little extra care might need to be taken, but it's a small downside to a clever product.

The Cricket Stand is available Eco Green, Charcoal and Mac White for around USD$40 and has just reached Australian shores at a price of AUD$64.

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