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iStencyl lets you create and sell iOS games without knowing any code


December 18, 2011

iStencyl is a program which allows you to create your web and iOS games - like Dungeon Rus...

iStencyl is a program which allows you to create your web and iOS games - like Dungeon Rush - without having any coding experience

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Who says you need to now how to write code in order to create and sell your own iOS game? iStencyl is a program designed to allow you to create your web and iOS games without having any coding experience. The system lets you develop entire games using its block builder rather than code, however, it does support Objective-C for those who are code-savvy.

Games can be built using either a PC or Mac, and tested within the program in an app simulator, or outside of the program using your own personal iOS device (testing a game on an iOS device requires an iOS developer account).

iStencyl fully supports native forms of input such as multi-touch and the accelerometer. There's joystick support, as well as support for Apple's Game Center where you can Integrate leaderboards and achievements into your game.

The Binding Force was created using iStencyl

Once you've created your masterpiece you can upload your finished app to the App Store and start selling it for cash. Each app you create will run on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch making it more desirable for buyers who want to use it on multiple devices. The game can also be exported to flash for playing on the web, and will soon be able to export to Android and HTML5.

Trying out iStencyl and building your own games with the program is free. If you decide to start selling your app, you will have to upgrade to an iStencyl Pro account, which runs US$150.

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