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Liechtenstein for 'rent' at US$70,000 per night


April 20, 2011

Vistors can raid the Prince's wine cellars at Vaduz Castle (Image: Mschlindwein via Flickr...

Vistors can raid the Prince's wine cellars at Vaduz Castle (Image: Mschlindwein via Flickr)

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Liechtenstein is available for rent .... or at least enough of it to cater for 150 guests at a time. That's the deal being offered by marketing company Rent a Village and as you might expect for a Central European landlocked country, the asking price is quite steep at US$70,000 per night ... plus there's a minimum two-night stay. Those that can put together the necessary cash will be treated to a symbolic key to the state presentation upon arrival – either at the new state parliament or in front of the government building – and be able to enjoy all that Liechtenstein has to offer. With the country nestled in the Alps between Switzerland and Austria, this will mainly consist of picturesque mountain villages and winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and snowshoe hiking.

The deal includes accommodation for up to 150 guests including catering, and basic branding that will see your personal (or company) logo adorning city squares, street signs and even a temporary currency. You and your guests will have to share the 61,960 square mile (160.475 km2) country with the existing 35,000 or so inhabitants who will be staying put for the duration of your stay, but you should be able to keep them in line. with the 110-strong Liechtenstein police force "notionally" at your disposal.

A picturesque mountain village in Liechtenstein

Visitors will also be given access to the Prince Hans-Adam II's personal wine cellars at Vaduz Castle for tastings and have the option of having a street named in their honor, a customized medieval parade, and individual logo created from candle wax.

The Liechtenstein rental is being offered by marketing company Rent a Village by Xnet through San Francisco-based travel company Airnb, and is aimed more at corporations and conventions rather than individuals. Although Snoop Dogg, who reportedly tried to rent the country last year for a video shoot, may still be interested.

Interested parties will need to provide six months notice and will forego half of their down-payment in the event of a last minute cancellation.

Source: Guardian.

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Please keep us posted as to who takes them up on this clever offer! :D

Von Maleficent
20th April, 2011 @ 01:58 am PDT
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