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The dual purpose Cool Bar – cooler by day, cocktail table by night


July 1, 2009

The Cool Bar in cocktail table position - drinks not included unfortunately

The Cool Bar in cocktail table position - drinks not included unfortunately

Coolers might keep things cold at a picnic or party, but if you’re looking to keep some drinks on ice with an extra touch of class the Cool Bar could be just the thing. Designed to serve the dual purposes of cooler and cocktail table, we can see the how the Cool Bar might be handy at a barbecue or while camping - keep drinks cool by day and when night rolls in, just lift the lid and you have yourself a cocktail table.

Treated for outdoor use, the Cool Bar is easy to clean with a hose or damp cloth when people get a little clumsy later in the evening. The lid of the Cool Bar measures 20-inches (50.8 cm) across and the unit weighs 13 lb. (5.9 kg) and stands 34.3-inches (87.1 cm) tall when in the cocktail table position.

Apart from that there’s not much more to say about it. It comes in white and has four legs for stability – making it perfect for anyone who isn’t feeling all that stable themselves.

The Cool Bar is available through amazon where at present you can pick it up for USD$47.00.

Source: Gadget Grid.

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