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ConnecteDevice breaks out Cogito smartwatches at Baselworld


March 31, 2014

The Cogito Classic from ConnecteDevice

The Cogito Classic from ConnecteDevice

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As so-called smartwatches become more smart and less watch, they run the risk of losing some of the latter's charm and style. Building on the success of its Cookoo "connected complication" that combined analog movement with a connected digital display, Hong Kong's ConnecteDevice has released two versions of a new Cogito model – a Classic dress watch and a fun-loving design named Pop. Gizmag stopped by the company's booth at Baselworld in Switzerland for a closer look.

"Watches are different from other electronic devices," says CEO Henri-Nicolas Olivier. "Because they're so personal, so close to the body, consumers expect something that reflects their tastes and personality. For this reason, the look of a connected watch is just as important as its functions and features. Cogito is unique in this respect."

The look of the Cogito Classic comes courtesy of award-winning French designer Xavier Houy, who has given it a high-end finish with a heart comprising a precision Japanese quartz movement. The device has been created as a smartphone extension, not as a Dick Tracy-like wrist communicator, and links to the company's iOS/Android Connected Watch smartphone or tablet app via Bluetooth 4.0/LE technology.

Icons on a digital display embedded in the watch face only become visible when a notification is received from a paired smartphone. Users can customize which alerts are sent to the watch, and can see who is calling or texting before deciding to answer immediately, or not.

The watch runs on a replaceable CR2032 button-cell battery, which negates the need to find a wall outlet that's not being used to top up smartphones, tablets or media players, and which is claimed to be good for a year of use before having to head to the electronics store at the mall for a new one. The Cogito is also reported water-resistant to 10 ATM.

Prices start at US$179.95, and the Cogito Classic smartwatch is available now.

Gizmag visited the company's booth at Baselworld and got a closer look at the Classic. Though we can confirm that it certainly looks the business, sadly we're unable to comment on its smartwatch capabilities due to pairing issues. You'll have to make do with the video below to see what's on offer.

The Cogito Pop is similar to the Classic, but with a design that's aimed at maximum mainstream appeal. LED icons on the watch face light up when the user gets an incoming call, receives an email or gets a message on supported Social Media sites. Like the earlier Cookoo, wearers can also use the watch to remotely fire a paired smartphone's camera, control music playback and locate a mislaid phone.

The Pop is also available now, and is priced at $129.95. Have a look at the promo video below to see if this model matches your connected wrist fashion criteria.

Source: ConnecteDevice

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Am I weird in liking this combination of a real watch with a connected digital display, BUT wishing it had a mechanical movement?!?

David Bell

What Connection Problems did you have?

This is, after all, supposed to be a connected smart watch!

Doesn't sound promising if the demo unit doesn't connect!


Love the looks of this watch, functionality seems like it would be perfect for me.

One question though: I have a Galaxy S4 which I have paired to my car's bluetooth (A2DP profile - car is a Kia Optima). If I have my phone paired to a Cogito, what happens when I get into my car? Will the phone still be paired to the watch, plus the car, or will it drop one of them?

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