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DYMO DiscPainter CD/DVD printer

March 3, 2008 The DYMO DiscPainter CD/DVD printer is a compact dedicated disc printer, optimized for producing high-quality, full-color graphics on inkjet printable discs in about one minute. Discpainter uses DYMO’s patented RadialPrint (or ‘spin’) technology that prints directly onto the CD while it is spinning, creating professional quality graphics quickly from outer edge to inner hub. DiscPainter features three print quality modes that lets users print up to 600 DPI graphics in a minute, and 1200 DPI images in three minutes, while ink density can also be adjusted with nine ink density settings for precise ink control to optimize the quality for the specific disc surface be it matte, glossy or color. One ink cartridge is able to print around 100 discs in a matte or glossy format.  Read More

Lenovo ThinkPad X300

The ultra-portable Lenovo ThinkPad X300 measures less than three-quarters of an inch at its thinnest point and combines leading technologies such as solid-state drive storage, enhanced wireless connectivity and an integrated fingerprint reader. Recognized for its superior environmental attributes by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), the versatile ThinkPad X300 can be configured for extreme portability starting at just 2.9 pounds, or maximum battery life of up to 10 hours or a balance between the two. It also offers an optional built-in 7-millimeter slim DVD burner and includes stereo speakers, a digital microphone and an integrated camera.  Read More

Corsair 16GB Flash Voyager GT

February 29, 2008 Corsair has announced a new 16GB high performance USB 2.0 flash drive dubbed the “GT” which offers a significant boost to data transfer speeds.  Read More - anyone recognize these butterflies?

February 28, 2008 The new website uses visual rather than word clues, to identify objects, people, places paintings - anything you can photograph. Often people stumble across things in life and are unsure as to their purpose and use; therefore a word driven search engine is not much help. Now they can upload an image instead of giving a verbal description.  Read More

Xyber Technologies MKIII-HTS

February 28, 2008 Consumers who use PCs for high-end gaming or media work can invest in a top-of-the-line computer and still be held hostage by a ticking time bomb cooling system. While fan-based systems are slowly corrupted by dust, and liquid cooling systems face the problems of evaporation and highly damaging seeping, Xyber Technologies offers an alternative that it claims is quieter, more efficient, and more stable.  Read More

Consumer version of Microsoft Surface PC flagged

February 27, 2008 Announced last year in a commercial format for use in public spaces, Microsoft's Surface computing technology could soon be available in a consumer version according to a report from InformationWeek.  Read More

Apple updates MacBook line-up

February 27, 2008 Bigger hard drives and faster processors are on offer in Apple's latest update to its notebook line-up. The MacBook Pro also gets a Multi-Touch™ trackpad as seen on the MacBook Air which enables more sophisticated web browsing and navigation of photos by supporting pinch, rotate and swipe inputs.  Read More

Dynavue display in action

February 25, 2008 General Dynamics Itronix has announced the availability of the Duo-Touch II, the second generation of the company’s lightweight rugged tablet PCs. Combining processing power with an ergonomic tablet design for one-handed operation, the Duo-Touch II enables rugged, high-performance computing for mobile professionals in industries such as public safety, telecommunications, utilities, government, and insurance. The unit also features Dynavue display technology that meets military standard for cockpit displays for direct sunlight viewability.  Read More

ZNS8022 2.5' USB 2.0 One-Touch SATA Enclosure

February 8, 2008 Zonet has released a line of SATA Enclosures for PC and Mac desktops, laptops, and peripherals. Ranging in price from US$25 to $35, the four models can convert any 2.5-inch or 3.5- inch SATA hard disk drive into SATA and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 external hard drives by connecting the drive to the cables inside the enclosure.  Read More

Explay unveils the new oio companion

February 7, 2008 Israeli technology company Explay is set to unveil a new version of its oio companion at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday. The oio is a stand alone battery operated miniature mobile projector that connects to mobile devices to provide a big screen experience.  Read More

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