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Lenovo ThinkPad USB Portable Secure Hard Drive

Losing your portable drive is a bad scenario, but if it happens to hold sensitive unprotected data, things can quickly get worse. Lenovo's solution is the ThinkPad USB Portable Secure Hard Drive, a compact unit available in 160 or 320 GB versions that protects unauthorized data access by requiring users to type an access code into an in-built numeric keypad.  Read More

The Belkin Switch-to-Mac Cable connects via USB.

Apple’s switch to Intel chips has proven to be a good move. Giving Macs the ability to run Windows and therefore Windows based applications has helped Mac sales almost triple in the past three years after a decade of stagnation. That equates to a sizeable number of people making the switch from Windows PCs to Intel based Macs. Recognizing this growing market, Belkin has released the Switch-to-Mac Cable, which provides a simple way to transfer files, settings, preferences, and more from a PC to a Mac.  Read More

LaCie Internet Space

LaCie's latest a network hard disk also acts as a personal web portal so you can access and back-up data remotely - a very handy attribute in all sorts of situations including for example, backing-up holiday snaps while you're still on the road. Available in 500GB or 1TB models, Internet Space can be used to stream photos or videos to a television, acts as an iTunes music server and caters for streaming multimedia files to Xbox 360™ and Sony Playstation® 3.  Read More

Road Mice

If hot-rod screen-savers just aren't enough to satisfy your automotive-obsession while perched in front of the computer, it might be time to branch out into peripherals. The new Road Mice series from Four Door Media is range of a wireless car-shaped computer mice (complete with working headlights) officially licensed by some well-known auto manufacturers, including Corvette, Chevrolet and Ford.  Read More

Seagate expands Savvio line

Billed as the world's fastest, greenest hard drive available for enterprise storage systems, Seagate's latest addition to its Savvio HDD line is 70% smaller, uses 70% less power and boasts a 115% improvement in system-level performance over comparable 3.5-inch, 15,000-rpm drives.  Read More

The Republic of Gamers (ROG) Rampage II Extreme

ASUS has released the Republic of Gamers (ROG) Rampage II Extreme high performance enthusiast motherboard featuring the latest Intel chipset and SLI/CrossFireX on Demand provide support for the new range of Intel processors and multi-GPU technologies.  Read More

The black MC7803u and burgundy MC7801u from Gateway.

Gateway’s new MC-Series notebook line signals its multimedia intentions known with a 16-inch edge-to-edge glass 1366x768 resolution widescreen display and illuminated multimedia touch controls. The new notebook line features an ambient light sensor which adjusts screen brightness according to the external light, while the LED illuminated keyboard is backlit for users burning the midnight oil.  Read More

Kingston Technology’s 32GB DataTraveler 150

Kingston has released a new trump card in its DataTraveler USB drive range. While the 32GB DT150 is not the largest capacity portable Flash drive we've encountered, it's still a very useful tool to have in your pocket when venturing into the brave new digital world - and the price tag goes a long way towards landing it in the value for money camp.  Read More

Kanguru Eco Drive

Billed as the most energy efficient hard drive on the market, Kanguru Solutions' 1-terabyte Eco Drive automatically gauges hard drive usage and uses three different operation modes to reduce power consumption by up to 75 percent.  Read More

Microsoft's Arc Mouse all folded up and ready to travel

No-one would deny that laptops are wonderful things. They’re portable, powerful and give us something to do on boring train rides or plane trips. But, like everything, they have their downsides and relying on a trackpad or micro-sized portable mouse to shift the mouse cursor around the screen is one of them. Now Microsoft, who makes some pretty decent keyboards and mice it has to be said, has introduced the Arc Mouse, which it says combines the comfort of a desktop mouse with the portability of a notebook mouse.  Read More

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