Man-machine collaboration at heart of new Artificial Intelligence XPrize

Registration has just opened up for an all new US$5 million XPrize, this time focusing on getting humans collaborating better with artificial intelligence to solve major global issues. Unlike previous competitions, this XPrize, sponsored by IBM's Watson division, doesn't feature a set of pre-determined goals, but instead challenges teams to come up with their own.Read More

Google highlights five main safety concerns surrounding AI

Safety risks posed by artificial intelligences are a genuine concern, but it's not just the apocalyptic robot uprising that we need to worry about. More seemingly mundane problems, such as an AI agent knocking over a vase while it's cleaning, also need to be addressed. Google Research has discussed methods for keeping AI on the straight and narrow in the past, and now the company has released a research paper outlining areas that are minor problems today, but will need more attention as AI technologies become more ubiquitous.Read More

Analog tech gives continuous vision camera systems a selective memory

Researchers at Rice University are developing new camera technology that's able to constantly watch its surroundings, but only pick out the information it's told to. Known as RedEye, it works by focusing on analyzing analog imagery, allowing for drastically lower battery usage than conventional set-ups.Read More

WD Passport Wireless Pro goes faster for longer

For creative professionals working in the field, it can be difficult to maintain a neat workflow from camera to hard drive, not to mention all the other devices in between. WD's new My Passport Wireless Pro is designed to make it easier to back up and edit work when you're on the job, by wirelessly sharing images between Wi-Fi-compatible cameras, connected tablets and laptops, and the hard drive itself.Read More

Homegrown Chinese supercomputer claims world number one ranking

A supercomputer equipped with 10,649,600 computing cores and capable of carrying out some 93 quadrillion calculations per second has just been crowned the world's most powerful supercomputer. Dubbed Sunway TaihuLight, this computing behemoth from China outperforms its nearest rival – another Chinese supercomputer – by being twice as fast and three times as efficient.Read More

Ergonomic mouse tells you when to take a break

If you use a mouse on a daily basis, you'll know that gripping the little device for all those hours can easily cause discomfort. A crowdfunding project is looking to help, aiming to bring a new ergonomic mouse to market, combining an upright, neutral gripping position with visual signals telling the user to take regular small breaks.Read More

Department of Defense doles out $70k to white-hat hackers

In an increasingly connected world, cybersecurity is a growing concern, and the US government has been taking steps to tighten its digital defenses. In March, the Department of Defense (DoD) invited hackers to "Hack the Pentagon" in a competition designed to identify vulnerabilities in its public-facing websites. The results of the bug bounty pilot have now been released.Read More


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