Camping in style: Coleman's battery powered blender


February 10, 2008

Coleman Rechargeable Portable Blender

Coleman Rechargeable Portable Blender

February 11, 2008 For those who love camping but can't bear to be away from their fruit smoothies, Coleman has created a battery powered blender that you can take just about anywhere.

Coleman has created four Rechargeable Portable Blender models designed to suit every need – camping, tailgating, home and marine. The RoadTrip (tailgating), home and marine models have five LEDs to indicate charge status and a rubber base wrap for added stability. The camping model includes a two-LED charging indicator. Each model has an oversized push-button ON/OFF switch and battery level indicator for easy use. Two 6-volt rechargeable batteries power all models with 20 to 30 batches per full charge of about ten hours. Each model also includes a 120-volt and a 12-volt charger conveniently stored in the base of the blender for recharging at home or a vehicle.

Capable of making 48 ounces of drinks in around 30 seconds, all models have a rubber non-skid base to keep the blender stable and the pitcher and the lid are hand-washable for hassle-free cleanup anywhere. A quick wipe with a wet cloth keeps the base clean. The lid can be set to open, close, or strain and stainless steel blender blades and polycarbonate pitcher are durable and long-lasting. The camping model retails for USD$59.99, while the RoadTrip version is listed at $69.99. The home version sports a sleek, silver finish and sells for $79.99. The marine model retails for $99.99 and features additional battery capacity and an electroplated finish.

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