CODA delivers its first electric cars in California


March 20, 2012

Electric car-maker CODA has delivered sedans to its first three customers

Electric car-maker CODA has delivered sedans to its first three customers

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In April of 2010, we told you about Los Angeles-based electric vehicle manufacturer CODA, which hoped to have its EVs in the driveways of Californians by the end of that year. Well, it may have taken a little longer than planned, but the company is now at a point that various other start-ups in its industry have never reached – it’s delivering cars to its first costumers.

Last Friday, three California-based buyers picked up the keys for their CODA electric sedans – two of those from the company’s LA dealership, with the third getting his from a dealer near his home in Northern California. All three vehicles came with a custom keychain and commemorative center console-mounted plaque, as will the rest of the company’s first 500 cars.

The five-passenger mid-size CODA sedan reportedly averages 88 miles per charge, although it can go up to 125 miles (201 km), depending on driving habits. Its energy efficiency sits at 73 mpg (3.2 L/100 km) equivalent. The Lithium-iron Phosphate battery pack charges in six hours from a 240-volt outlet, and comes with a 10-year, 100,000-mile (160,934-km) limited warranty.

The car is priced at US$37,250, although tax credits may reduce that price for some buyers by up to $10,000. CODA is currently focusing on sales in its native California, but plans on expanding to other markets as production volume allows.

Source: CODA

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Fantastic! The more players in the EV market the better ...especially with petrol hitting $1.60/litre in Victoria, Australia if only we can do something about the soaring cost of electricity....

Ross Mcewen-Page

Thank you CODA for a least getting something on the road, giving many of us a 'little ray of sunshine' in a world of falsely inflated, high margin, record profit gas prices. Unfortunately the look of your vehicle has the sex appeal of a sardine in a can. A through back from the eighties or a current Chinese 'Cherry' design. The price I think is up there with the Volt. I'm sorry but even with GM's lousy track record on EV's, I know which I would prefer. You could learn a lesson or 2 from Tata and it's hopefully soon to be released 'Megapixel'. Gas pricing aside, electric vehicles have to be affordable. Give us the basics at half that price, but good lookin' and let us accessorize it, maintaining many of the jobs in the existing auto industry.


The internal combustion engine will be banned for the emissions . This cold happen within a year if there is a large solar event

Stewart Mitchell

No, a player has done it right in front of, unlike Aptera. They can see its possible.

Dawar Saify

If you want an affordable - like under ten grand - electric, yer gonna have to build it yourself...or convert an exsiting car. If you can't do it yourself, pay someone to do it. Cost a little more but at least when you convert a car - be it a Toyota or Ford or VW or whatever - you'll still have all the DOT-approved components of the original: brakes, suspension, crash worthiness, etc. This along with those manufacturers years of experience in building cars standing behind it. Glad to see the CODA, and I think the design is pleasant even if not inspired, but the price is still a bit out of the league of many people. But so is making your own electric. All in what you can do.

Neil Larkins

It is good that Coda has reached the market. My comments are:

The price is very high. Many will prefer the Nissan LEAF.

The aerodynamics have not been devloped. Performance above 45 mph will be adversely affected and so will the range.

Adrian Akau

With a solar PV canopy or consumer owned rooftop and a quick change battery, the MPG is infinite. Better hurry up and clog up the atmosphere gas guzzlers, the noose is tightening around your throat. Make as many CO2 clouds as possible (to block sunshine), the clock is ticking. Raise gas prices and put another import tax on solar, but, tick, tick, tick.


The aerodynamics don't look that bad. The price is not atrocious...and well, the battery is what is so expensive. It truly is a shame about Aptera. I think if they had tried for 150 or 200 mpg they might have had a more viable car instead of going for 300 mpg. The acceleration numbers were pretty bad. Disappointing it was not sold intact to someone who wanted to make the car.

If this company can actually make money, the price could go down with the help of economies of scale.

I would take the leaf, if I was going to go pure electric but others may prefer this car. It looks fine...nothing extraordinary but acceptable. Maybe some people who go electric don't want to be constantly asked about their car like Leaf owners have to endure. This thing is low key enough to go unnoticed.

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