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Cloud brings thunder and lightning inside your home


July 8, 2014

Cloud by Richard Clarkson is an interactive lamp designed to mimic a thundercloud

Cloud by Richard Clarkson is an interactive lamp designed to mimic a thundercloud

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Cloud, by New Zealand-based designer Richard Clarkson, is an interactive lamp designed to mimic a thundercloud. It brings the outside inside, providing an audiovisual show that looks and sounds like thunder and lightning ... but thankfully rain isn't included in the package.

Powered by an Arduino microcontroller, Cloud is able to react to motion by automatically adjusting the color and brightness of lighting. There are also alternate modes for those who need a break from having a thundercloud in their home. For instance, Cloud can be turned into a nightlight or used to stream music via any Bluetooth-compatible device.

The Cloud itself is made hypoallergenic fiberfill that is felted to a sponge casing to form a frame. The frame holds within it the lighting system and speakers used to make Cloud look and sound like a real thundercloud ... just one that's hanging from your ceiling rather than growing ominously outside your window.

Each Cloud is approximately 28 x 14 x 13 inches (71 x 36 x 33 cm), but these measurements vary as each cloud is handmade and therefore unique.

Cloud costs US$3,360 for the smart version, which includes a wireless remote control unit, color-changing lights, 2.1 speakers (two speakers plus a subwoofer), and motion detection. The lamp version goes for $960, and features a Philips LED dimmable bulb but none of the extra gubbins. For $240 you can get a satellite add-on, which is a small cloud designed to create a more realistic sky scene for your main Cloud.

The video below shows Cloud in action, first being controlled by remote and then reacting to movement. The same designer is also responsible for the Rotary Mechanical Smartphone, which is exactly what you would expect it to be from the name.

Source: Richard Clarkson Studio

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My oldest son and I once made it snow indoors inside a box with little more than an old fish tank, a super soaker, and some dry ice.

For the price of this cloud it better rain some premium scotch single malt.

Bob Flint

I don't get it. Three thousand dollars for a lamp that's impossible to dust? Just go outside for free.


Are there stupid rich people out there that will buy this... There might be.. LOL

S Michael

I have to admit. I thought it was VERY cool! Until I saw the price tag.... fer cripes sake...

Joe Sobotka

Why not make your own, for a fraction of the price, and have fun learning! http://m.instructables.com/id/IR-Rainbow-Cloud-ver-1/


That link to the rainbow cloud was more interesting than this! One thing I saw right away on the video was how the lightening flashes are the same every time. Was thinking that's pretty lame. Then I saw the price. Then I was convinced it was pretty lame.


$1200. I'll pass, only an idiot would pay that. Oh yeah, there are plenty of those.


ONLY $1200.00???

Certainly a customer preferred-color string option (for only 500.00 more) would be just the thing to nudge those on the edge of buying into the "purchased" zone.


Add a shower head adapter and your thunder cloud can provide rain for your shower too. lol. ;)

Brett Johnson
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