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The Clock Clock turns a wall of analog clocks into digital art


November 7, 2012

The Clock Clock from Humans Since 1982 showing 20:35

The Clock Clock from Humans Since 1982 showing 20:35

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There is something special about everyday items that manage to bridge the gap between art and practicality. Even after the owners of such pieces get used to the visual appeal, they're still left with something useful. Would-be objets d'art like the Cloud House and the Eliminator table lamp fall into this category, and now we have a clock to add to the mix. A Clock Clock, in fact.

The Clock Clock from Humans Since 1982 mixes the old and the new to create a product that's a lot more than the sum of its parts. On the surface level the Clock Clock is essentially nothing more than 24 old-skool analog clocks fixed together in a grid three clocks high and eight clocks across. But it's how they all work as one complete unit that makes this clock a sight to behold.

Six clocks work together to create each number, with the full bank of 24 clocks forming all four numbers needed to display any particular minute. The two hands of each clock move into place in order to tell the time, as can be seen both in the images in the gallery and the video embedded below.

The Clock Clock, designed in collaboration with Australian engineer David Cox, is available to buy as limited edition piece of design art from the Victor Hunt gallery in Brussels, Belgium, and at Phillips de Pury in New York, U.S.A. Pricing is "available on request."

Source: Humans Since 1982 via NOTCOT

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Must be a slow day at break, This "art" doesnt count as a gadget or even a functional clock, notice how they edit the footage so it never shows 1:00.

Garrett Ross
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