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Cleatskins take sports shoes to the street


July 23, 2008

Cleatskins will be available in pull-over and slip-on models

Cleatskins will be available in pull-over and slip-on models

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July 23, 2008 Designed to slip over cleats used in sports like soccer, baseball, football and golf, this clever shoe accessory eliminates the need to change shoes after training or a match.

Cleatskins shells are made from SKINTEK rubber, a formulation of compression molded rubber, and come in two designs - pull-over and slip-on.

Cleatskins aims to serve as a time-saving, practical solution for active families by protecting studs from wear and tear and extending the life of cleats on asphalt and concrete surfaces. The machine washable shell also forms a sealed barrier around dirty cleats to help keep dirt and grass out of your home and car.

The rubber shells come in a wide range of colors - Jet Black, Blue Ribbon, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Lime Green, Lemon Chrome, Orange and Formula One Red,to name just a few. Cleatskins Sole will debut in the US this Fall in specialty athletic retail stores and online. Both styles will be available in youth and adult sizes for suggested retail prices of US$17.95 and US$34.95.

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