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Retro telephone gets 21st century update


May 2, 2011

The Sixty retro cordless phone

The Sixty retro cordless phone

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While most phones are getting smaller and being crammed with non-phone functionality, the "Sixty" cordless phone from French company Sagemcom harks back to an earlier age of domestic communications ... with an injection of 21st Century design and technology.

The Sixty delivers a new twist on the 1960's Bakelite telephone by transforming the stocky rotary form into a folded, slimline design and adding a digital time fascia and capacitive touchscreen. The non-retro functionality includes hands-free calling, caller ID, 150 name and number phone book, phone conferencing, multiple languages, and an integrated digital answer machine.

The drilling bell tone of yore has been replaced with more modern polyphonic ringtones, although these include a reproduction of the original "ring ring" for those who want to retain some of the old-skool feel. There's also rotating lights and sound effects during dialing.

One 1960s element that doesn't make a comeback is the curly phone cord – instead there's a wireless handset with a 10 hour battery life.

The Sagecom Sixty is available for £99.99 (US$167) ... and it'll come in any color you like as long as it's orange.


The handset should charge from the phoneline, instead of batteries. The dial style interface... Hmmm prefer the compact keypad. Probably knocked up in China for $5 each... sold on for $100....

I\'ll stick with my bargain basement \"hands free\" phone that has lasted for 20 years and it is still a treat and worth refurbishing every 30 years or so.

Mr Stiffy

You do that Mr. Stiffy. Just going off on a tangent here - I have some VHS tapes in my basement if your interested!

Jacob William

Hey! Nice! Neat! :) Now, - that the way to combine a \"retro-look\" into new éra, with practical new technology included! I would almost liked to have ALSO the rotary dial on it?... Yes, I am over 60. And industrial designer :) If there was one in the store nearby, I would buy one. And orange. Bravo to those industrial designers behind, who dare pushing the limits :)

Martin (Montreal)


There are little electronic gizmos you can install inside most any rotary pulse dial phone to convert it to touch tone dialing.

Gregg Eshelman

When and where will it be available to us in the U.S.? In orange, please. I want one! P.S. Are there more info and pictures available to show how it is powered, and how to recharge it? I\'d like to see that. But I still want one! Oh, did I mention, in orange, please.

Mary Bishop

I think the phone company might have something to say about charging it from the phone line Mr Stiffy (presuming you mean their network\'s line voltage)


I love the handset. The typical cordless handset is so flat, that I am always hitting the buttons with the side of my face, many times hanging up on people! I like the retro look, and there are other retro cordless designs out now that will be catering to just about every need, taste and age group. I saw another retro phone design in pastels that I would kill for, but I like this one, too.

Sieglinde Proctor

How well does it hold up to spray paint? I love the style, but demand red! If I can't have red, I'll make it red!

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