Moke back on the production line after a 20 year interlude


October 7, 2013

Breathing new life into what was once a classic utility vehicle, Chinese auto manufacturer Chery Motors is bringing back the Moke

Breathing new life into what was once a classic utility vehicle, Chinese auto manufacturer Chery Motors is bringing back the Moke

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Breathing new life into what was once a classic utility vehicle, Chinese auto manufacturer Chery Motors along with its subsidiary, Sicar Engineering, is bringing back the Moke. Designed by Michael Young, the new version called the Classic Moke retains many of its original design features in addition to updated mechanics and safety provisions.

The compact open air car was originally built in 1959 from Mini parts, with the intention to rival Land Rover and become a small military vehicle which could be delivered to the field via a parachute drop. However, the Mini Moke was soon deemed much too impractical for military use and later became a popular means of transport in warm and trendy holiday destinations around the world where it gained a "beach buggy" status.

Twenty years on since the last Moke was manufactured in Portugal, the 21st century version is soon to be released in automatic or manual transmission. The new Classic Moke comes equipped with a series of upgraded features including a new fuel injected engine; safety design; braking system and full rust proof body. Moke International will start out with a short production run of 1000 Classic Mokes in 2013, with firm sights on the Australian market.

Moke International has also announced plans to go green with an electric version. The E-Moke will have a top speed of 60 km/h (37.3 mph) and a range of up to 120 kilometers (74.5 miles) on a full charge. Prices for both versions are yet to be confirmed.

Source: Moke International, Michael Young via Designboom

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French electric car maker Volteis brought out a model that looks very Moke-like in 2010:

They also have a version called the V+ that's designed by Philippe Starck, but manages to look more like a golf buggy.

I see a lot of old WWII Willy's and Hotchkiss Jeeps around the French alps. They're great mountain runabouts, even though many are over 60 years old. I'd love to see a modern, lightweight electric version, or at least one with a small, modern engine like a Ford Ecoboost or a Fiat Twinair.


The e-MiniMoke is a brilliant idea...about 2 years ago. Hope they haven't missed the trend for the e-buggy market. I see electric golf carts filling up the rental market along the Texas Gulf coast. They went with the golf carts due to the complete lack of competition in the e-buggy market.


Oh' man I rented several of these in Australia back in the 80s. Please tell me they may come to the American market too. They would be great for rentals in beach community's Butch.


The original Moke was indeed designed as a lightweight military vehicle, however the lack of ground clearance especially counted against it. The makers pointed out that the car was so light it could be carried over obstacles by four squaddies... the army suggested that perhaps that would be missing the point somewhat...

This new version does look very like its forebear, however its use would probably be limited to certain markets outside the European Union for instance, as there is no way that this vehicle would pass a modern crash test, let alone the requirements for pedestrian safety.


Used to drive one id Africa where I lived back in the day. Great little vehicle!


Ah! fond memories! Hired one of the old Mokes as a honeymoon runabout many, many years ago (I should know how many, the missus would kill me that I don't). I remember driving on a rain-swept highway, pulling handbrake spins. A few years later I lucked on a Moke converted to a 2-seater cabin with a small flat tray rear, great for transporting ride-on mowers!. Alas, practicality (doing a lot of winter nightwork!) forced its sale.

The Skud

To Bergamot69 - The authorities still allow registration of motorcycles ... many times less safe than a Moke. Hey! Take along a small generator and the E-Moke would go for miles and miles (recharging in camp while you play)!

The Skud

I live in Australia and I think that unless this new moke is priced very cheaply indeed it will have difficulty selling. You can purchase a small used car starting around $2000 AUD, and it will have a roof and airconditioning, 2 things that you need in the Australian sun.


@ The Skud You would bring a ICE generator to power an EV instead of just getting an ICE powered car. Strange.


I had a Moke in the 70's. It was the most fun vehicle I've ever had.I live in Australia and will buy one when they become available. You don't need air con and it does have a roof. Just rug up in winter and enjoy.You would be lucky to get a $2000 car with air that worked and lasted more than 12 months.

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