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Citroen reveals its version of the electric supermini - step aside for the Survolt


March 2, 2010

The Citroen electric small car concept - the Survolt - fits the supermini class with a look of a larger supercar

The Citroen electric small car concept - the Survolt - fits the supermini class with a look of a larger supercar

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Citroen says it has completely reinterpreted the idea of a small car by producing the Survolt concept – an electric vehicle that fits the size parameters of a small car but not the two-box look of a hatchback. Speaking at the Geneva International Motor Show this week, the company says its supermini is unconventional, aggressive, exciting and vibrant and is what the small car sector has been looking for.

According to Citroen, the Survolt meets the size, environmental and safety requirements of cars in its class but isn’t a boring rehash of existing vehicles.

The Survolt is the continuation of Citroen’s exploration of distinctive and original electric vehicles, starting with the Citroen Revolte concept car revealed at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Survolt is a blend of high-fashion glamor and extravagance with motor-racing punch.

Citroen says it has deliberately broken with convention, shaken up the rules and shifted the borders in its continuous and passionate quest to develop innovative objects ahead of their time. Survolt, it says, is one of these. It takes the genetic material of Revolte and adds an extroverted sports dimension to the mix.

The compact Survolt – 3.85m long, 1.87m wide and 1.20m high – has a look and personality of its own embedded in this concept.

A distinctive look ...

At the front, the distinctive vehicle badge sits above the large oval-shaped grille, while its slim, horizontal head lamps producing bright LED light.

Low-slung and sleek, the body features strong contrasts between the bonnet and sculpted flanks, highlighted by distinctive wheel arches.

Survolt’s air-slicing, flowing design is heavy on excitement and sensuality. It conveys agility, precision and vitality, barely containing a powerful, well-defined musculature under refined and luxurious wraps. The rear features the elegant light signature of Revolte together with a spoiler in an essential reference to motor sport.

Two-tone paint and materials like chrome and aluminum project an image of luxury and sport. Citroen says the Survolt is a perfect combination between high fashion and car racing, a unique alliance with the same philosophy and the same cues as Revolte, namely performance, cutting-edge technology and excellence.

Inside the Survolt

Survolt’s cockpit was designed to bring the two occupants comfort and refinement, triggering singular pleasure and an outstanding experience.

The car’s generous glazed area brings light and a sensation of space, very different to many of today’s sports cars.

Like Revolte, Survolt is powered by electricity, thus combining sports performance with environmental respect and sustainable development. Driver comfort is enhanced by the silent electric motor.


\"...supermini is unconventional, aggressive, exciting and vibrant and is what the small car sector has been looking for.\"

Isn\'t this misdirected focus on styling and appeal to the infantile needs of the dumbed down public exactly why we are in the World wide social, economic and climatalogical mess we are om now?

Cars and marketing like this is just what the World\'s consumer societies DON\'T need now.


FINALLY A BATMOBILE FOR THE MASSES!!! I love the black & red paint job, plus the facts that it\'s \'green\' and compact too. I just wish I could buy one here in the U.S.

Suman Subramanian

Great looking new Citroën. Don\'t know about the neon colors, but the car does fill a void and looks great.


Denis Foley

Great to see Citroen back to designing unusual, technically advanced, groundbreaking designs. This is what they are best at, NOT a 1 box euro style car, exactly the same as every other car makers.

I would buy 1 of these straight away, and if it was genuinely fast, I\'m sure many drivers who usually go for high end sports cars might buy something as good looking as this.

But really I think its looking at the Toyota MR-S, Mazda MX5, Lotus Exige style drivers. This looks better than all of them.

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