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Cirque du Soleil 3-D online ticketing system


June 16, 2008

Cirque du Soleil ticketing system - screenshot

Cirque du Soleil ticketing system - screenshot

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Known most notably for on-stage spectaculars, Cirque du Soleil is now offering an innovative and time-saving off-stage experience for customers buying tickets. The company’s new online ticketing system offers audience members the chance to select their seat(s) from 3-D images of the venue set up.

Developed by Montreal-based Outbox Technology Inc., the 3-D interface gives the customer more control over their online purchase. A calendar appears with all available performances for the city you have selected. By choosing a specific date and time, the number of available sections are highlighted on a 3-D image of the arena. By clicking on a section, the system then shows the individual seats available in that section. The user can then specify the exact seat that they want. Users can also move from one big top section to another and get real-time information on ticket availability and prices at a glance. Customers who purchase seats can receive their tickets by regular mail or via email.

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