Ciclotte exercise bike helps you lose a few pounds – and quite a few dollars


August 25, 2010

The Ciclotte exercise bike

The Ciclotte exercise bike

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Exercise equipment generally favors function over form, which is why it is often found gathering dust in the basement or under the bed. The Ciclotte stationary bicycle bucks that trend with an elegant design that anyone would be proud to put on display, which should hopefully increase the chances of using it. It's sexy curves aren't surprising as it derives its distinctive look from the Ciclò – a monowheel prototype bike also designed by Luca Schieppati that is now part of Milan’s Triennale Design Museum permanent collection.

The Ciclotte combines steel, carbon and glass fiber materials in a minimalist design that can hopefully be ignored long enough so you can stop staring at it and actually get on the thing to burn some calories. The bike’s dual satellite epicycloid system uses four gears with varying cuttings to multiply the number of flywheel rotations. Every pedal rotation equates to about four flywheel rotations, which generates a high-intensity magnetic field and maximizes the resistance level.

The minimalist look carries over to the Ciclotte’s touch screen display located on the upper right side of the bike's wheel that lets the rider choose between 12 different program settings. The saddle, made with alcantara padding, is adjustable both vertically and horizontally, while the handlebars are adjustable up and downward to suit various riding positions while maintaining constant tension to the forearms.

Available in “Full Carbon” black, silver and purple, the Ciclotte also boasts a price tag that wouldn’t be out of place for a museum piece – a cool US$10,700.

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Personally I think the Dildo Bike as invented by Mr Garrison from South Park, has more going for it.

The Entity Episode. Ahem.

Exercise bikes - even worse - with a TV screen in front of it - with the road view, are the dominion of dildoes.

Mr Stiffy

That thing is about as ugly as they come.

Who in their right mind would \'want\' that??

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