Google Chrome now syncs tabs across multiple devices


May 20, 2012

Google Chrome now lets users sync open tabs across devices

Google Chrome now lets users sync open tabs across devices

Google has updated its Chrome browser, adding the ability to sync browser tabs across multiple devices to make a single session of Chrome accessible as you move from desktop, to mobile, and back again.

The update has also come to the Chrome Beta for Android.

The update marks a milestone for Chrome on Android, which is quickly overtaking the original Android browser in terms of features. Unfortunately, Chrome Beta is only available to those running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which currently accounts for only around five percent of all Android devices. If you can use the Chrome Beta, enabling Tab Sync is possible by signing in to your Chrome account and opening a new tab, where you'll find the new "Other devices" menu. The process is identical on the PC version of Chrome.

As of now, Chrome is available on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android, leaving iOS users unable to try Chrome Mobile and the Tab Sync feature. However, this could change in the near future, with some predictions that Google will launch Chrome for iOS devices this year.

Source: Google Chrome Blog

Here's a quick video from Google introducing the new Tab sync feature.

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This is a really great idea that poses some truly significant opportunities for users and ABUSERS alike. The intrusive businesses, i.e. telemarketing, direct marketing bottom feeders as well as more traditional criminals could have a whole new venue for hijacking info, access, accounts, etc, aside from new approaches to nag customers from every angle. This is a new opportunity that will demonstrate security issues vigorously.

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