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Chill Puck designed to keep drinks colder, longer


April 11, 2013

The Chill Puck held to a can with the Chill Band

The Chill Puck held to a can with the Chill Band

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Beer koozies (aka coasties, coldy-holdys, stubby holders and a multitude of other names) are a summer staple for keeping cans of drink colder, longer. Not satisfied with the cooling capabilities of these foam cylinders, Curt Peters created the Chill Puck, a small hockey puck-shaped disc that fits on the underside of a can.

According to Peters, the Chill Puck uses "NASA-designed equipment" originally used for chilling nuclear reactors in cold war-era satellites. The design team also tweaked the ice pack gel to allow it to reach lower temperatures than standard ice, which is why it is able to keep a drink colder, longer.

As an added bonus, the feet on the bottom of the Chill Puck keep condensation from dripping all the way down, so it also functions as a coaster, while a "Chill Band" keeps the Puck strapped firmly in place.

The device is shaped like the bottom of a can so as to maintain the most possible surface area contact with the underside of the can. It is this connection Peters says sucks the heat out of the can and into the ice pack, keeping drinks roughly 10° F (5° C) cooler than a Puck-less can over a 20 minute period.

Peters is seeking funding for his Chill Puck on Kickstarter with a modest goal of US$7,500 – as of this writing, it's sitting at a little over $1,500. The minimum pledge to secure a Chill Puck is $5 while the early bird special lasts, after that, a pledge of $8 is required.

The Kickstarter pitch (which is one of the funnier ones I've seen) below provides more information about the Chill Puck.

Source: Chill Puck via Kickstarter and CraftCans

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I think that is really cool; pun intended. :)


Not sure that it well thought out from a heat transfer point of view. Largest surface area is the cylindrical periphery of the can, which is why the koozies are so effective. This let the aluminum can, highly conductive, still warm a large area of the can and only chills the bottom. A better design would take the koozie approach and fill it with a solid/liquid that under goes a phase change in the 30 to 40F range.


I purchases a USB powered chilling pad, which didn't do anything. This companies seam to forget the simple physicals fact that "heat goes up and cool goes down". You would be better off using the $5 to buy another beer.

Bill Johnson

it won't work as cold falls, not rise so no cooling of the can will happen to any degree worth doing.

Now stick it on top of the can and maybe but better just to use insulation.

I have SS real vacuum thermos double wall and I can leave a couple of small ice cubes in it and next morning they are still there!! I'm looking for a larger mouth, size one now and no more warm drinks here in Fla where a can of beer is warm in 2-3 minutes!!

Vs I've left the thermos in the sun accidently and while the outside got hot, the drink stayed cool and the ice unmelted.


Water is at its heaviest at about 42degrees F so in a can of chilled beer the coldest rises to the top and the warmest settles to the bottom. If you koozie is not keeping your beer cold long enough to finish stop pretending to drink beer.


We get the concerns, but it works. What is the worst part of your drinking experience? The final sip... Our tests show a 10 degree difference in the final third between 20 - 60 minutes! For dads, gamers, office workers, or anyone else who gets side tracked easily, no more warm beer my friends. It's perfect for taking a sip during the replays of my FIFA13 goals. This product isn't designed to keep a full beer cold all day, we suggest coolers and refrigerators for that task.

Facebook User

The heat transfer is actually between the can and the puck. The can is alloy and a very good heat transfer material. If the puck keeps the can cold, the can will keep the beer cold.

Who really cares? The ad is quite funny.

Page Schorer

Basic Law of Thermodynamics, Einsteins; Heat seeks Cold in any direction, not just up. Area of exposed can may have delta temp of 30degF (air warming beer-cooled aluminum), Area of base and under band may have a deltaT of 30degF (beer-cooled aluminum warming colder ice pack)....but bigger area will prevail, albeit more slowly. And you can enjoy the beautiful graphics of your PBR rather than Smelzo's Tax Service huggie thing. Just sayin.

Douglas Black


Forget thermodynamic's , surface area and all that stuff. The Video was great , unless you hate puppies or are a Commie. Give Money!


I agree with Captain Danger. Who cares about the rise and fall of heat when the thing is proven to keep your BEER COLDER LONGER? Can't wait to enjoy every cold sip of my beer when I get my Chill Pucks. Thanks Curt Peters - your idea rocks!

Happy Beer Drinker

Since others have already done so, I won't go into why some people are wrong about the thermodynamics of heat differentials rising or falling. But for those saying that a Koozie should work better or that they should just modify a Koozie, you need to pay attention. It should be obvious that the puck would fit in a Koozie just fine and the ad specifically suggests using it in just such a manner.


Real men drink warm beer.

Fritz Menzel

Have a look at this project - Very innovative and original!

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