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Siftables combine neighbor detection, motion sensing and wireless communication

It is believed that many children and adults learn best when they use their hands to perform a task, and for young children, play-based activities are essential for acquiring knowledge. This new design concept cleverly combines both hands-on and play-based learning in one very cool but tiny package. Siftables are small computer blocks with the capacity to interface with each other using a combination of neighbor detection, motion sensing and wireless communication. The user manipulates them by hand and with each process, whether it is sorting, grouping or even piling, the blocks continue to interact with each other.  Read More

Safety baby bottle smiles at the right temperature

Now here’s a clever idea for tired, stressed-out new parents. Picture the scenario, it’s three o’clock in the morning, baby is screaming for milk and you accidentally pop a bottle that is too hot into a hungry, little mouth. Not a pleasant thought! The Baby’s Bottle could stop all those late night accidents as it tells you, at a glance, when the milk is at exactly the right temperature.  Read More

Tweenage Dora the Explorer to launch in Fall 2009

Many parents will be familiar with the educational exploits of Dora the Explorer. The bi-lingual cartoon character designed for pre-schoolers has developed a strong presence both on the box and in spin-off products like books and toys over the past 10 years, and now she's set to grow-up alongside her young fans. Mattel and Nickelodeon have announced that a "tweenage Dora" for girls five years and up will be released later this year. The new look line will be built around an interactive "Dora Links fashion doll" which plugs into a computer and can be customized using an interactive website - change Dora's hair, jewelry or eye color online and the doll will be transformed to match.  Read More

WowWee Spyball

A scaled back version of the Rovio Wi-Fi robot webcam, the Spyball from WowWee is a remote controlled, Wi-Fi enabled, transforming robotic ball that allows kids to see what their brother or sister is up to, as well as checking out what’s for dinner in the kitchen – all undetected.  Read More

Duck Hunter: Remote control target practice

Here's one that ducks will like - at least until the kids using it grow up and acquire shotguns. Duck Hunter is a small, free-flying remote control bird that comes with a toy handgun "blaster". Charge it, launch it and take aim. Three direct hits will knock it out of the sky.  Read More

Nu.M8 GPS childrens watch and child locator

800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States. In the U.K., that number is 140,000 children and there is no greater ordeal for a parent than not knowing where they are. Gartner estimates that the worldwide market for GPS based location devices will grow from 16 million in 2007 to 300 million in 2011.Using GPS-based systems to keep track of your pets and/or children is a trade off between peace of mind and cost – we’ve detailed numerous pet and child GPS locators, and the just-announced Nu.M8’s main claim is that it does not rely upon the child being responsible enough to keep their locator with them in a bag or pocket. When Nu.M8 is securely fastened to a child’s wrist it cannot be removed without sending an alert to the parent’s phone. As it’s also discretely hidden inside a watch, it’s more likely that if something goes wrong, the parent locates their child, not the technology.  Read More

The 50' Snowball Launcher

The Snowball Launcher will outdo even the most accomplished snow tosser by making and blasting softball-sized snowballs up to 50 feet. Unless you live anywhere near a city, in which case it might blast softball-sized chunks of muddy slush mixed with cigarette butts and gravel. Still, it is sure to give you the edge in snow fights this winter.  Read More

Nathi change table is both space-saving and stylish

Created by Swedish designer Bo Ekstrom, Nathi is a funky baby’s change table that not only looks great, it will also save valuable floor space. Unlike traditional change tables which are large, heavy and not particularly stylish, the wall-mounted Nathi is lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and when not in use it closes with a tension latch to fit neatly and inconspicuously against the wall.  Read More

Neils Smeltink's Kid Balance
 Image: Neils Smeltink

Dutch designer Neils Smeltink's clever multifunctional bike design can adapt to the needs of children as they become older by easily transforming from a bicycle to a scooter or a walking bike. Younger children will love to use it as a walking bike or scooter while older children can use it as a real pedal-bike.  Read More

The Taga multi-functional stroller

When you first see the Taga you wonder why nobody thought of this sooner? This machine has taken all the benefits of a bike and a stroller and put them together in one unique package. Firstly, it is a bike with a stroller attached to the front of it but the bike can be removed in a matter of seconds to convert the machine into a stroller and it can also be converted into a double stroller or simply used as a stand-alone bike. A clever way for parents to get their cardio fix whilst their babe relaxes in comfort and watches the world go by.  Read More

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