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The Crayola USB EZ Type Keyboard is hard to miss

Crayola is a name that conjures up happy childhood memories for generations of kids – or former kids. Although the Crayola brand is synonymous with crayons and other assorted ‘coloring implements’, that hasn’t stopped them embracing the digital age with a range of colorful electronic toys designed to combine learning with fun. Gizmag got the low down on the latest from the company at the recent Australian Toy Hobby and Nursery Fair.  Read More

In the Pocket Baby portable baby seat

It’s ironic really that a tiny baby needs so much equipment. By the time you’ve packed diapers, wipes, spare clothes, toys and food, there’s not much room left in your diaper bag. So thinking about carrying a heavy baby seat on your next trip to the café is almost enough to put you off leaving home. Enter the Pocket Baby seat, a portable, compact seat designed for children aged from about six months to two years that attaches to a normal dining chair in a flash and will make your load a little lighter.  Read More

Cocooi sleep bag keeps baby warm and safe

Just one look at the photo of the babe sleeping snugly in the Cocooi sleep bag makes me want one in adult-size! Merino Kids claim their Cocooi Sleep Bag is the world’s first 100% pure merino wool sleeping bag. This sleep bag is part of a new range from the company designed for the newborn to three month old age group which also includes the Cocooi 100% pure merino wool swaddle.  Read More

Prince Lionheart Silicon bottle

Recently, concerns have been raised about the presence of Bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles. Research has linked BPA to breast cancer, a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes and possible effects on the brain and behavior. In response, some baby bottle manufacturers have stopped making plastic baby bottles and are using materials such as silicone to give parents a safer option when choosing a baby bottle.  Read More

Barbie turns 50

Barbie turned 50 this month but she doesn’t look a day older than at her debut at the American International Toy Fair in New York on March 9, 1959. Sure, she’s copped some flak along the way for being empty-headed and ‘tarty’, and reinventing herself to conform to current fashions, but essentially she’s still as glamorous as ever, not to mention technologically savvy.  Read More

4moms Cleanwater Infant Bath tub

Bathing a baby has to be one of the harder jobs for a new parent. Not only do you have to continually support their slippery, wet, little body, you also have to make sure the bath water is at exactly the right temperature. The 4moms Cleanwater Infant Bath tub with digital thermometer could make the job of bathing baby a little easier via a unique design that allows clean running water to enter the tub and be tested for correct temperature before coming into contact with your baby’s delicate skin.  Read More

The EyeClops Mini Projector uses LED illumination to project a 70 inch screen from almost ...

The toy shop has always been a place of immense fascination for children, but it is increasingly becoming a place where extreme high end electronics experiences are being delivered at mass market price points. Night Vision Goggles, f'rinstance, were until recently the exclusive domain of well-funded Special Ops teams, but are now available for USD80 in the local toy store, with Night Vision Binoculars soon to land at USD60. Similarly, this pocket-sized, EyeClops Mini Projector will be distributed through toy channels and uses LED illumination to project a 70 inch screen from almost any multi-media device. The battery-powered (or mains) projector has built-in speakers and a recommended retail of USD100.  Read More

Siftables combine neighbor detection, motion sensing and wireless communication

It is believed that many children and adults learn best when they use their hands to perform a task, and for young children, play-based activities are essential for acquiring knowledge. This new design concept cleverly combines both hands-on and play-based learning in one very cool but tiny package. Siftables are small computer blocks with the capacity to interface with each other using a combination of neighbor detection, motion sensing and wireless communication. The user manipulates them by hand and with each process, whether it is sorting, grouping or even piling, the blocks continue to interact with each other.  Read More

Safety baby bottle smiles at the right temperature

Now here’s a clever idea for tired, stressed-out new parents. Picture the scenario, it’s three o’clock in the morning, baby is screaming for milk and you accidentally pop a bottle that is too hot into a hungry, little mouth. Not a pleasant thought! The Baby’s Bottle could stop all those late night accidents as it tells you, at a glance, when the milk is at exactly the right temperature.  Read More

Tweenage Dora the Explorer to launch in Fall 2009

Many parents will be familiar with the educational exploits of Dora the Explorer. The bi-lingual cartoon character designed for pre-schoolers has developed a strong presence both on the box and in spin-off products like books and toys over the past 10 years, and now she's set to grow-up alongside her young fans. Mattel and Nickelodeon have announced that a "tweenage Dora" for girls five years and up will be released later this year. The new look line will be built around an interactive "Dora Links fashion doll" which plugs into a computer and can be customized using an interactive website - change Dora's hair, jewelry or eye color online and the doll will be transformed to match.  Read More

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