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Kim Graham's Digitigrade centaur legs costume

Ever wished you were a 7-foot tall semi-centaur with the body of a human and a horse's legs? Er, me neither. But there's plenty of people out there who do, and Seattle-based fantasy artist Kim Graham has come up with a killer Halloween costume that makes you 14 inches taller and gives you uncanny-looking equine legs and spring-loaded cloven hooves. The effect is quite amazing, and even a bit sexy - or, maybe that's just the admirably proportioned Ms. Graham; check out the video after the jump. A set of Digitigrade legs like these can be yours for under USD$1000.  Read More

The Babyglow baby suit will instantly alert you that your baby has a high temperature

Usually, when a young baby cries, the cause is one of three things. They are hungry, tired or need their diaper changed. When it’s not one of these problems causing the tears, it may mean they are not well. This new invention might help parents immediately recognize that their child has a high temperature - the Babyglow baby suit is designed to change color when your baby’s temperature rises to a dangerous level.  Read More

Jump rope and similar kinds of games will be used to develop games for Nintendo's Wii cons...

The development of Wii computer games, where handsets take the place of real equipment from sports, such as tennis, golf or baseball, has been very successful. Now, a unique and ambitious collaborative project in the United Kingdom looks set to convert popular skipping and clapping playground games into Wii-styled prototype games.  Read More

UGO safety brakes for strollers

With an estimated value of USD$6.02 billion, the kids market can be lucrative, if you can crack it. The UGO automatic safety brake for strollers and prams is one of those good design ideas that could find a baby toehold in the market – one day.  Read More

The Liftt baby sling offers comfort, support and, most importantly, a touch of style

It is not always easy to find a functional and attractive baby sling. More often than not, they are difficult to put on, have too many buckles, are uncomfortable or come in a color that manages to clash with every outfit you wear. A new baby sling design from Liftt promises to offer support and comfort for both you and your baby and comes in a range of colors that is more likely to complement rather than clash with your wardrobe.  Read More

The Lolaloo rocking device takes care of rocking baby to sleep while you relax

Unfortunately, all babies are not created equal when it comes to sleeping. While one child will contentedly drop off to sleep, another will only visit the Land of Nod after interminable minutes of rocking. The Lolaloo is a clever, German-designed, rocking device that, with bit of luck, helps put baby to sleep.  Read More

The PediSedate is designed to distract and calm children while they are being sedated

It’s not entirely brand new but interest in the PediSedate has been resurrected by Technologizer looking at Game Boy oddities as part of a 20th anniversary tribute to Nintendo’s handheld gaming console. The PediSedate is a clever medical gadget consisting of a colorful, toy-like headset that connects to a game console like a Game Boy system or some portable digital music player.  Read More

It's a tank, no it's a boat. No it's an amphibious tank

May 6, 2009 If there’s one thing besides the retreat of my hairline and expansion of my waist that makes me wish I was a kid again, it’s the seemingly endless supply of cool toys that today’s youngsters have to entertain them. While I was forced to make do with a stick and a piece of string growing up, the children of today get to enjoy toys like the transforming Amphibious Tank – a remote controlled tank that is as happy on land is it is in the bathtub and comes complete with a water cannon to smite your enemies.  Read More

The Multimac four-seater child seat transforms the back seat of your car into a mini-bus

The Multimac four-seater child seat accommodates four children safely in the back of a three-seater car. The seat fits firmly in your car without the use of adult seat belt straps, is independent of existing car fittings and can be fitted and removed in minutes, if required. The seat belts are instantly adjusted for each child and as the seat is suitable from birth until 12 years of age, you will only need to ever purchase one car seat.  Read More

The Lego alarm clock is a part of a range of Lego electronics for kids
 Source: Digital ...

Lego Systems has joined with Digital Blue to produce a range of colorful Lego-inspired electronic gear for kids. The range of portable electronics includes an alarm clock (pictured), boom box, MP3 player and later in the year, a stop animation video camera. Designed to appeal to little and big kids, the first products will be released mid-year.  Read More

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