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It's a tank, no it's a boat. No it's an amphibious tank

May 6, 2009 If there’s one thing besides the retreat of my hairline and expansion of my waist that makes me wish I was a kid again, it’s the seemingly endless supply of cool toys that today’s youngsters have to entertain them. While I was forced to make do with a stick and a piece of string growing up, the children of today get to enjoy toys like the transforming Amphibious Tank – a remote controlled tank that is as happy on land is it is in the bathtub and comes complete with a water cannon to smite your enemies.  Read More

The Multimac four-seater child seat transforms the back seat of your car into a mini-bus

The Multimac four-seater child seat accommodates four children safely in the back of a three-seater car. The seat fits firmly in your car without the use of adult seat belt straps, is independent of existing car fittings and can be fitted and removed in minutes, if required. The seat belts are instantly adjusted for each child and as the seat is suitable from birth until 12 years of age, you will only need to ever purchase one car seat.  Read More

The Lego alarm clock is a part of a range of Lego electronics for kids
 Source: Digital ...

Lego Systems has joined with Digital Blue to produce a range of colorful Lego-inspired electronic gear for kids. The range of portable electronics includes an alarm clock (pictured), boom box, MP3 player and later in the year, a stop animation video camera. Designed to appeal to little and big kids, the first products will be released mid-year.  Read More

Smart Animals Scanopedia uses smart tag recognition technology to teach kids about animals...

If you have kids of your own, you’ll know instinctively the easiest way to encourage little ’uns to learn is through engagement and interaction. Toymakers know this, too, and have been quick to use various technologies to develop new lines of educative products. The Discovery Channel-branded Smart Animals Scanopedia, an electronic talking animal encyclopedia, joins the growing list of electronic toys that try to both teach and entertain.  Read More

Razor Spark Scooter

Razor - the company perhaps best known for the Ripstik - has added a little spark to its Razor A Kick Scooter - literally. The latest incarnation of the lightweight scooter features a "Spark Bar" mechanism attached to the rear wheel - just stomp on the bar to light it up!  Read More

Snuza movement monitor attaches to baby's diaper

You know it’s irrational to think that your baby could stop breathing whilst she is sleeping, but that doesn’t stop you from checking on her every five minutes. A new movement monitor from Snuza which uses highly sensitive movement detectors to monitor your snoozing babe could help both of you get a good night’s sleep.  Read More

Wriggle Wrapper keeps baby secure whilst sleeping...

Phil and Ted's Wriggle Wrapper is a multi-functional baby product that can be used for feeding, sitting or sleeping. It simply wraps around the baby and is then attached with secure straps and clips to a dining chair, a single bed or an adult's lap. It is made from strong polyester and has a rubber grip underside to stop baby slipping, sliding or as the name suggests, wriggling!  Read More

The Crayola USB EZ Type Keyboard is hard to miss

Crayola is a name that conjures up happy childhood memories for generations of kids – or former kids. Although the Crayola brand is synonymous with crayons and other assorted ‘coloring implements’, that hasn’t stopped them embracing the digital age with a range of colorful electronic toys designed to combine learning with fun. Gizmag got the low down on the latest from the company at the recent Australian Toy Hobby and Nursery Fair.  Read More

In the Pocket Baby portable baby seat

It’s ironic really that a tiny baby needs so much equipment. By the time you’ve packed diapers, wipes, spare clothes, toys and food, there’s not much room left in your diaper bag. So thinking about carrying a heavy baby seat on your next trip to the café is almost enough to put you off leaving home. Enter the Pocket Baby seat, a portable, compact seat designed for children aged from about six months to two years that attaches to a normal dining chair in a flash and will make your load a little lighter.  Read More

Cocooi sleep bag keeps baby warm and safe

Just one look at the photo of the babe sleeping snugly in the Cocooi sleep bag makes me want one in adult-size! Merino Kids claim their Cocooi Sleep Bag is the world’s first 100% pure merino wool sleeping bag. This sleep bag is part of a new range from the company designed for the newborn to three month old age group which also includes the Cocooi 100% pure merino wool swaddle.  Read More

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