Google's programmable Lego-like blocks teach kids to code

With an increasingly digital future ahead of us, kids are being taught programming skills at younger and younger ages. Play is often the best way to start learning, and we've seen toys like the Code-a-Pillar and Photon robot developed to fill that role. Now, Google Research is aiming to accelerate the expansion of the field with Project Bloks, an open-source hardware platform for developers to create "tangible programming" tools for kids.Read More

Smart camera learns how your baby sleeps

While there are already a variety of systems that monitor how your baby sleeps, most of them require you to fasten some sort of wearable to your infant's body. Nanit, however, is different. It's a contactless system that utilizes an overhead camera to observe your little one, using machine learning to teach itself their sleep patterns.Read More

Toyota gets kids towing with digital trailer

The International Tokyo Toy Show kicks off this week, which means it's time for the annual Cammate kids' car concept from Toyota. In this fifth consecutive year of the Toyota Camatte, Toyota strays from toy motor vehicles like the LED-decorated 2014 Camatte and customizable 2013 Camatte57s, stepping back behind the car with a versatile trailer it calls the Camatte Capsule. Using a tablet, show visitors will be able to customize the interior design and display it inside the physical concept via three integrated digital screens. Read More

Alien robot gives kids a "crash" course in coding

Programming is an increasingly important skill in our digital world, and there's no shortage of toys designed to teach kids to code. Kamibot, Code-a-Pillar, Codeybot, Kibo and Vortex are just a few of your options from the last few years, and now Photon has crash-landed among the ranks. This little guy comes complete with a backstory to engage kids, teach them the basics of coding and reward them with the unlocking of new abilities.Read More


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