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ChildMinder reminds drivers not to leave their baby in the car


July 3, 2012

The ChildMinder Infant-Toddler Elite Pad System is designed to keep parents from forgetting their infant in their vehicle

The ChildMinder Infant-Toddler Elite Pad System is designed to keep parents from forgetting their infant in their vehicle

Hard though it may be for most of us to believe, it is possible for parents to forget that they’re driving with a baby in the car. If they subsequently leave the infant locked in a very hot or cold parked vehicle for several hours, the results can be deadly. That’s why Baby Alert International is offering the ChildMinder Infant-Toddler Elite Pad System – it’s a setup that notifies absent-minded parents if they try walking away from their car, sans baby.

First of all, you may be asking, “Does this really happen?”. The answer is yes ... occasionally.

According to the group Kids and Cars, approximately 36 infants and young children die every year in the U.S. alone, due to being locked in hot cars. While many of those are no doubt cases of negligence, sometimes parents do actually forget that they have a wee one quietly napping in the back seat – this is particularly likely when there’s a change in routine, and a parent who doesn’t ordinarily drive with the baby in the car ends up doing so. They get preoccupied, end up driving to work (or wherever) as usual, and the little passenger is forgotten.

The ChildMinder system is designed to keep that from happening. It consists of a pressure-sensitive pad, a base control unit for that pad, and a wireless key ring alarm unit.

The pad is placed beneath the cushion in the child safety seat, and is activated as soon as the weight of the infant is placed upon it – assuming they weigh at least four pounds (1.8 kg). From that point on, as long as the pressure is maintained, the key ring alarm will sound within six seconds if the driver moves more than 15 feet (4.6 meters) away from the pad. The system automatically deactivates itself when the child is removed from the seat.

Two AAA batteries are required for the pad, with an additional lithium button cell powering the alarm. The system sells for US$69.95.

Source: Baby Alert International via Coolest Gadgets

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If you think you're too busy to remember your children you should not have them, there are a lot of people who shouldn't.

The Hoff

I so agree with you "The Hoff". We had 4 daughters that we raised, and it wasn't EVER a problem. Anyone who forgets, is more self absorbed then they should be.

Timothy Kulig

The Hoff, spot on, my child is 32 and NEVER did I "forget" him, and yes he is now 32 I still watch out for him and now I find he is watching out for me, some people should NOT have kids, you too Timothy, spot on, and I was a single parent from my son being 9 years old

Bill Bennett

The three previous comments were obviously from perfect individuals that have never made a mistake in their life. This device in not for people who don't care or forget about their babies, but for people who might make a mistake in communication between husband and wife for example. Life is complicated and people aren't perfect, even in parenting, let's not be biggots.

Daniel Brown

I'm sure many of you are thinking "This is great!", well you're wrong! This is the worst thing to happen to 'Natural Selection' since giving pedestrians the right of way!

Oh and Daniel, forgetting to water the house plants every day is a mistake, leaving your baby locked in a hot car isn't a mistake, it's a reason to be sterilized!

Grei Walker

So sad to make negative remarks about this long-overdue device. People DO forget at times, and I think sometimes it might be because some people are driving bigger vehicles these days. It is hard to NOT notice a child or pet in the back seat when you drive a small car, but with the SUVs and vans, it is very possible.

I wish automobile manufacturers would put some money into development of a warning system for this type of problem, but oh, no, they have to develop SOUND-PROOF cars so the driver and passengers can easily miss the sound of sirens wailing right behind them as they happily cruise down the road, oblivious to their stupidity. And OH, NO, the auto manufacturers have to install automatic locks so that people (even though they had enough brains to get in the car and drive) will be "protected" when the door locks on them in case they don't know well enough to lock the doors when they want. Nice to die in your new Cadillac when a fire breaks out and the electronics fail so that you can't get out to save yourself. This DID happen because of stupid engineering -- so now WHO is stupid?!?

Alice Engstrom

What if the parent forgets the key ring at home?

Peter Lloyd

"People DO forget at times" LOL. Nice attempt at making out that EVERYBODY does this, or would ever do it. CERTAIN people "forget", namely scum who are trying to kill their children and get away with it. You can't "forget" that you have a baby in your car, it's impossible. If you're so stupid and self-obsessed that you could "forget" that you have a baby in your car, you shouldn't be driving, you shouldn't have children, and you shouldn't be walking round in free society, you should be imprisoned for the safety of the rest of us... Stop making excuses for self-absorbed SCUM.


Need I say more? Alice Engstrom, you are a prize idiot...


Let's face it sometimes sh#t happens! People screw up, it has happened to professional people. Why should an innocent child pay with their life over a stupid oversight! Who cares how it happens, we need to protect our kids no matter what the cause! We need this!


Check out bee-alert.com it has a life saving solution.

Richard Zachar

The negative remarks made in judgment of parents who have made this horrible mistake are ignorant. The individuals this has happened to span the breadth of all socioeconomic and cultural classes and love their child no less than anyone else. What happens is a combination of circumstances in which there is a change in routine (someone dropping baby off at daycare who doesn't usually do it + long drive + perhaps preoccupied thinking about the events for the day). If only 0.001% of people will ever make this mistake, isn't it still worth $60 to have a preventative device? Of all the useless equipment sold for infants (bottle proppers, bumbo chairs, vibrating bouncers, playpens, etc.), this is finally a piece of electronics worth its weight in gold! I have been a daycare provider as well as being a mom of five and I have great empathy for the parents who have been in this situation. I did my part as care provider to call parents who didn't show up to drop off a child but apparently not all providers do. That is yet another important safeguard that must not be universal like it was with me. Empathy folks...walk in someone else's shoes for a day.

Melissa Williams-Freeman
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