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In pictures: Charged Up e-bike show


May 22, 2014

A few of the bikes that were featured at Charged Up

A few of the bikes that were featured at Charged Up

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As many readers are no doubt already aware, last Thursday we attended the Charged Up e-bike media event at the Crystal Springs Resort in northern New Jersey. The day was mainly a chance for a select group of journalists to chat with representatives from a number of electric bike companies, and to ride some of their bikes around the resort grounds. While we've already profiled a few of the stand-outs, here's a quick look at some of the other e-bikes that caught our eye.

Say what you will about the attributes of electric bikes, but one thing we really noticed is that they are heavy. While the assistance provided by the motor largely makes up for that added weight, it was nonetheless nice to see a few that weighed almost as little as regular human-powered bikes. One in particular, the titanium-framed ProdecoTech Titanio 29er, claims the title of "world's lightest e-bike" at 32 lb (14.5 kg).

Additionally, although most of us probably think of e-bikes as commuters, it was fun to try out the electric mountain bikes. There's still some question, however, as to legality of taking motorized vehicles on off-road trails in different regions. The M1 Erzberg offers a compromise – its hub-motored rear wheel can be quickly swapped out for a regular wheel, turning it into a non-electric bike within seconds.

... and for people who secretly really want a motorcycle, there's the Outlaw SS. One of the most popular bikes at the event, its 750-watt motor runs in throttle mode only (there's no pedal-assist option), and it has a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h).

You can see the Titanio, Erzberg, Outlaw SS and a bunch of other electrically-enhanced two-wheeled wonders, in the photo gallery.

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My ultra light ebike weighs 40lb and goes 40mph with a range of 40 miles. 40C3 is pound for pound the most efficient transportation system in the world. If you scale to a car it would mean a 2500 lb car goes 2500 mph with a range of 2500 miles. and don't forget the 40C3 dos 40 mph while carrying a 200 lb load.


Rafe Husain

I personally believe everyone working in cities should be made to ride the electric/clean power systems. They won't allow anyone to smoke, but will allow a dirty truck spewing particulates all over us etc...I Know they're much cleaner now, but I lived when lead was in petrol, diesel trucks used to fill the streets with smoke too thick to see thru.

I lived in Amsterdam and they certainly showed everyone else the way to go yrs ago, yet most other countries/cities still fed the oil system. For long journeys I love my car, but these days I walk/ride when I can, and am fitter to boot. IF the majority of us start to think this way, instead of being lazy, then we will be better off in short/long term.

To Rafe above, I like the sound of that bike for hills, and it's light enough that on flat streets 20 Miles per Hour is sustainable with pedals alone to flow with town traffic...in my city a Capital City of UK, we still have children riding in the roads with cars, it's ridiculous, when I rode in Holland, 95% of time I was no where near any vehicles that could hurt me, own little tracks, traffic lights, cops checking bikes etc, loved it.

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