Caterham announces Duo Cali line of road bikes


September 3, 2014

The Duo Cali Limited Edition

The Duo Cali Limited Edition

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Although Caterham is certainly best known for its race cars, last year it branched into motorcycles and e-bikes. Continuing that trend towards simpler vehicles, this month the British company announced its new line of good ol’ human-powered Duo Cali bicycles. Besides sporting the Caterham name, the bikes look pretty darn sweet.

Unveiled last week at the Eurobike show in Germany, there are five models in the Duo Cali line-up.

Four of them feature an aerodynamic F1-grade carbon fiber monocoque frame, reportedly designed to deliver "top-level weight and stiffness values." These frames, made by Germany’s AX-Lightness, also feature a unique handlebar stem and an integrated seatpost.

The four carbon Duo Calis include the Limited Edition race bike (only 73 will be sold), the Duo Cali Record, the Duo Cali Chorus and the Duo Cali Urban EPS. The Limited Edition features an electronic Campagnolo Super Record EPS drivetrain, the Record and Chorus use electronic versions of the Campy groups of the same names, and the Urban EPS uses a mechanical Campagnolo Veloce drivetrain ... although it incorporates electronic flatbar shifters that were custom-designed by Caterham.

The fifth model, the Caterham Fairspear, is described as "a stylish, classic steel framed bike linked to the heritage of the iconic 'Super 7' racing car."

"Duo Cali," incidentally, refers to a combination of the unique frame shape and the acronym for Caterham Advanced Lightweight Innovations. There’s no official word on pricing as of yet, although according to a report on Bike Radar, the Limited Edition model will be going for US$19,730.

Source: Caterham via Bike Radar

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