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Carrera ski helmet folds for a custom fit


December 28, 2013

The sides of the Snow Foldable Helmet pull out to match the width of the user's head

The sides of the Snow Foldable Helmet pull out to match the width of the user's head

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Eyewear and helmet manufacturer Carrera got itself noticed last year, when it released an accordion-like bike helmet that can be folded in or out to accommodate different head sizes. Now, the company has brought that same idea to the skiing and snowboarding-oriented Snow Foldable Helmet.

The helmet consists of one lateral middle section, along with two side sections. Those latter two pieces can be pulled out to either side, to match the width of the wearer's head, and then locked into place. It still meets the EN1077 B ski helmet safety standard, plus its pull-open design reportedly results in good ventilation. Additionally, when folded down, it's claimed to take up over 20 percent less space than when in use.

Other features include ear pads and a lining that can both be removed and washed, and an elastic fore/aft fitting system. The helmet comes in five color choices, including the fancy-shmancy leather/carbon version shown here.

We've inquired about pricing and availability, but have yet to hear back.

Source: Carrera

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They should have offered one to Schumacher to test! His ordinary helmet did not help that much ...

The Skud
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