Accordion-like Carrera bike helmet folds to accommodate different head sizes


September 12, 2012

Carrera's new folding bicycle helmet

Carrera's new folding bicycle helmet

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In old bicycle racing photos, many of the racers can be seen wearing what are sometimes now referred to as “leather hair nets.” Actually known as pistard helmets, they were made of padded leather and offered little protection, but they did conform nicely to the shape of the rider’s head. Carrera’s new foldable helmet is a modern (and safer) take on that same idea.

The helmet – which doesn’t appear to have an actual model name yet – is made up of rigid lateral segments that are mounted on a base of adjustable straps. This design allows the helmet to expand and contract sideways, like an accordion, so it can be fitted snugly against the sides of the wearer’s head before being locked into place. When taken off and pressed all the way in, it will reportedly take up over 20 percent less space than a regular helmet – an important consideration, if it’s being jammed into a backpack.

Because it has no solid structure going all the way across the front or back, it is also said to offer very good air circulation. Despite its lack of overall solidity, however, it still reportedly meets the EN 1078 safety certification.

There is currently no word on pricing or availability. Another foldable bike helmet, the overade, is expected to go into production sometime this year.

Source: Carrera via Bless This Stuff

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I would think protection from side impacts would be compromised.

Jon A.

A bike helmet really only creates a buffer zone so I think this is clever but heads are more round then oval so it's hard to see the upside.

The Hoff
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