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Capture Camera Clip v2 adds GoPro mount


July 21, 2013

The Capture Camera Clip v2 allows you to clamp your DSLR camera onto any belt buckle or ba...

The Capture Camera Clip v2 allows you to clamp your DSLR camera onto any belt buckle or backpack

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The DSLR remains the camera of choice for people who are serious about photography, but lugging one about can still pose a challenge. Belt clip-on accessories like Peter Dering's Capture Camera Clip offer an ergonomic, ready-access alternative to the standard strap or bag. Looking to improve on the original, Dering is now launching a slimmed-down redesign that adds a GoPro mount to the equation.

We first featured the Capture Camera Clip in 2011 after it had secured funding through Kickstarter and was available to buy at retail. Dering has turned once more to Kickstarter to launch the Capture Camera Clip v2, seeking US$100,000 to fund production of this new model. It has already smashed through that target, with more than $350,000 having been raised at the time of writing.

The Capture Camera Clip is actually a very simple product. It's a durable metal clip that clamps onto a belt, a backpack strap, or bag. Your camera can then be attached to the clip so that it's secure but instantly accessible. So what's different with v2?

The new Capture Camera Clip v2 features several key improvements over the original

The product has been redesigned from the ground up, with a new shape that's slimmer, lighter, and stronger than the previous model. There is a new twist lock clamping system, a new safety system to prevent accidental release, and the geometry of the slot in which the camera is placed has been changed so that its operation is smoother.

The Camera Clip is also being offered in two distinct types. The standard Capture is designed for hobbyists and CapturePro is designed for professionals. CapturePro has the added advantage of accommodating tripods and working with sling straps. Also, in a nod to the growing popularity of action cams, the option of a GoPro mount (which also works on the original Capture) has been added.

The Capture Camera Clip v2 allows you to clamp your DSLR camera onto your belt buckle

Backers can snag the new Capture Camera Clip for $50, which buys you the standard version with the standard plate. Reward levels rise from that point up to $185, which gets you the Naked Edition of CapturePRO, plus the PROpad, the GoPro Mount accessories, and the Leash and Cuff camera straps. The Kickstarter campaign ends on Aug 23, with the orders starting to be shipped immediately afterwards.

The video below shows the Capture Camera Clip in action, and Dering talking about the product's conception and subsequent evolution.

Source: Kickstarter, Peak Design

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That's one speedy holster. Could lead to a shooting sport...draw and fire two shots...score the shots and divide the score by the time!

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