One thing you can say about smartphones: their limitations have opened the door for all sorts of new inventions. Among those limitations are the facts that many phones lack a tripod mount, and require a model-specific cover/kickstand if you wish to prop them up. That's where Adewale Adelusi-Adeluyi and Bojan Smiljanic's invention, called Capta, comes in. It's a universal stand, tripod mount and cable management system, that works with any make or model of smartphone, or other mobile device.

Capta's base is composed of solid aluminum, with a pad on one side made from a proprietary blend of polyurethane adhesives. An aluminum cover protects that pad when not in use.

To use the device as a tabletop stand, the phone can simply be placed with its back resting lightly against the pad, leaning at an angle. Should you want to put your phone on a tripod, however, you start by pressing the back of it firmly and flatly against the pad - this will create what appears to be quite a strong bond between phone and Capta. A threaded hole in the underside of the Capta will then allow it and the phone to be mounted together on a tripod. Also running across the underside of the device is a machined groove, which users can press their phone's cord into (if using one) to keep it out of the way.

When it comes time to remove the smartphone, you just twist it off. Apparently, the pad doesn't leave any adhesive residue behind. The adhesive can reportedly be cleaned and revitalized by holding it under running water.

Adewale and Bojan are currently in the process of raising production funds, by taking pledges from prospective customers on Kickstarter. A minimum pledge of US$25 will get you a Capta of your own, once they're ready to roll - or should we say, stick.

A demo of the product can be seen in the pitch video below.

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    • Great simple idea.

      Jake Dhillon
    • I love that adhesive idea, what a great useful material if it really works.


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