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Fisheye and Macro/Wide Angle lenses add versatility to your camera phone


August 13, 2010

The shot distance of the macro lens is between 10-23 mm

The shot distance of the macro lens is between 10-23 mm

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Camera phones have come a long way in terms of resolution, but the pocket-sized form factor doesn't leave all that much room for improvement when it comes to lenses. These add-on Fisheye and Macro/Wide Angle lenses inject a little versatility into the equation by transforming your standard flat phone photos into wide and up-close images.

The diminutive lenses are designed to attach to any phone and promise a "sturdy, shake-free hold" using a magnetic ring with adhesive on one side that you stick around the existing lens (though we can see potential hiccups here if the surface around the lens on your particular phone isn't flat or is close to the edge).

The wide-angle lens is bound to be useful for capturing large crowds, concerts and landscapes and will increase your view range by approximately 40 per cent. When the same lens is set as a macro, you can really create close-up shots. The shot distance of the macro lens is between 10-23 mm.

The Fisheye lens creates curved edges with its 180 degree angle – so your images will look like you are peering through a fish bowl.

The Fisheye, Macro/Wide Angle camera phone lenses are available at photojojo.com and are priced between US$20-$40.

There's also a number of apps available which give iPhone owners looking to create the fisheye effect another (cheaper) option.

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Fantastic! I have long said there should be a product of this type. I made one from a very small close up lens bought at a swap meet...then lost is in Amsterdam. Mine actually fit on a Casio 2MP camera that could get no closer than a 3 feet. There were no camera phones back then. I had to machine a ring that would press on the ring around the camera\'s lens, and press fit the close up lens to it. It worked great. Since losing it, I have not been able to find a close up lens that small. I even ordered a bag of small unspecified lenses, from which none had a focal length that was appropriate. Then my camera was stolen. Now my 5MP camera phone does have a macro adjustment, but it is does not focus as close as the lost lens. This should once more give a true close up lens, not just macro.

Oh, I just looked at my Droid and see that the flash is too close to the lens and may require attaching the ring over it. Won\'t do, but this is still a great idea.

Robert Fox

I have seen some thing like this before. I had bought a couple from a camera store that I used on my Palm Centro. http://www.amazon.com/Mirage-Special-Effect-Digital-Camera/dp/B001NMLN4Q It was similar to the above one.


I am a lifetime Pentax devotee seriously considering jumping ship; a crisis of faith as it were. I have held on to the original lens from my 1970s MX and every other lens purchased since. I have benefitted thus far from Pentax’s brilliant backwards compatibility policy that just hasn’t existed for any other brand. I would be happier if the current KAF mount had a mechanical aperture linkage, but you’ve probably picked up on that.

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